The main camera of mobile phone manufacturers, the replacement times can help themselves

March 2, 2017

micro-blog recently have friends released a video, the video of the new mobile phone Mito M6 has a special function: Wonderful Pet Beauty! Now the mobile phone market competition intensifies, foreign brands in the retreat of the situation, the domestic mobile phone is trying to find those segments of the market demand, dislocation competition opportunity. But with every kind of mobile phone camera constantly released, the camera can really play "save" the burden of domestic mobile phone brand? Flagship camera mobile phone manufacturers will encounter what problem we might talk about?.

photo competition, have style all their own

from China cool union "to" Citi’s sister "domestic mobile phone brand seating turns to transform, they resorted to exhaust all the skills snatch the market, competition from the screen, the number of nuclear hardware gradually transferred to the competition of pixel camera, have launched the main camera, pixel to intelligent mobile phone million level. Today, according to the different objects and scenes, can be divided into three groups.

: a key faction representative clap, Nubian


for most people, know the Nubian reason is probably because the mobile phone can shoot the stars slogan, in addition is 2014 for Ms. Peng Liyuan with President Xi Jinping’s visit to Germany when photographed using a mobile phone Nubia and was known as the "mother" of the mobile phone". ZTE to build Internet mobile phone brand, has been playing the task of Nubian sniper millet and other competitors, the camera has become the Nubian weapons. But the Nubian emphasis is clap (a typical scene is to shoot the stars), and applied for many professional photography patents, products is also tried, such as the Z9 equipped with the new NeoVision 5.1, used by 6 pieces of precision optical lens to achieve the effect of mobile phone slr. Z11 Mini is the main photography, to strengthen their own advantages in shooting. Unfortunately, ZTE mobile phone "Lian Po", Nubian pictures again good, also is still a niche brand.

faction two: self timer and beat pets, on behalf of: Mito mobile

as a mobile phone in the field of cross-border, Mito mobile phone from the first generation began to focus on taking pictures, especially in terms of self timer, once the arms race to accelerate the industry. Last year launched the MiTo V4 is the world’s first front 21 million pixel mobile phone, is also the world’s first to support the front camera shooting 720P slow motion mobile phone, and strengthen the night self function, and Mito mobile phone is emphasized self and beauty, which is mainly based on the beauties in the software and the user on the accumulation of the layout: Mito company in addition to Meitu Xiu Xiu, and "camera beauty" and "beauty camera", "self tide" and pictures related software and entertainment broadcast platform beauty shot, while the user, according to official data, as of October 31, 2015, the beauties of the product has covered 900 million mobile devices, mobile at the end of 270 million monthly active users, 52 million active users; internationalization, Mito overseas over 110 million users. So the United States and the United States do more mobile phone extension