Rong Lian seven street multimedia customer service selection and Application

March 2, 2017

2015 customers world annual meeting in October 22nd ended in the Civil Aviation International Conference Center, this meeting is the call center and customer management related areas sponsored by the world organization of the customer annual membership meeting. As China’s customer center in the field of the longest history, the highest level, the largest annual meeting of the industry, the annual meeting attracted many manufacturers attention. SaaS cloud service upstart Ronglian seven Mo to be invited to participate in this event. The 21 day forum in the media of customer service and customer service robot, Ronglian seven street founder and CEO Cai Zhibin as the industry opinion leaders to "selection and application of multimedia service" title, the majority of participants shared Ronglian seven Mo product service multimedia, multi-channel, the market demand for the introduction of multi role integrated based on customer.

Rong Lian seven street is a focus in the field of enterprise communications SAAS cloud service provider, the company not only provides professional cloud communications products for the enterprise services, but also provides a platform for the integration of communication capabilities. With more than and 10 years of accumulation of corporate communications, independent research and development of call center based on cloud communications platform, while providing customers with the use of scene: communications products, cloud service, cloud electricity sales, cloud switchboard, cloud conferencing platform enterprise, customer service agents, sales agents covering user, enterprise switchboard and other customers, corporate customers include the financial, education, Internet, O2O, automotive, medical and other industries.

in the keynote session Ronglian seven Mo CEO Cai Zhibin believes that with the Internet, big data all incoming customer interaction and service form connotation that is undergoing profound changes. According to the survey, 40% of consumers are willing to accept customer service through non-traditional contact (ie, online chat, text messaging, etc.). As a result, the evolution of customer interaction evolved from the call center to the customer service center, and even the electrical outlet center. Growing customer interaction platform is pregnant with a new change. Standardization, scale, set of voice and non voice channels as a whole, artificial intelligence services and Modern Collaborative customer service center has gradually become the mainstream market. With the advent of the era of user experience, customer service center is moving from the edge of the enterprise value chain to the central, and products, research and development, operations together to create the core role of customer experience.


solid voice technology, pragmatic style of work, so that the United States and the United States seven street products widely acclaimed in the circle

multimedia customer service to help enterprises build a future oriented service marketing system

in the Internet era, the user demand is diversified and personalized, fragmentation of the importance of a call is gradually dissipated over time, is no longer the only way, WeChat, online consultation, mail, APP consulting, and even voice, video, IM various forms of customer service demand rising user customer demand for diversification gradually. In this context, the traditional customer service center is usually used to switch to different platforms to deal with different channels of consultation, efficiency