Chen Yuxin and then lift the micro business situation led to the new era of Korean bundle mode

March 2, 2017

Chen Yuxin to build the Korean bundle micro business empire, after just a few months of rapid development, impressive performance shock micro business. Han beam derivative from the controversial scenes "Legion" phase before the gradually light strickle, Chen Yuxin from a cosmetics company BOSS became the "2014 China derivative annual influential figures" and "2014CCTV" business legend "person of the year award, while South Korea also shortly before taking the micro beam with gains the electricity supplier Oscar said the" international business business model innovation award award aiqi".

along the way, Chen Yuxin and Han beam micro providers continue to refresh the micro business marketing miracle, leading the rapid development of the industry. When many derivative followers step Han beam derivative way, Chen Yuxin has given himself and Han beam micro the responsibility and mission of taking more difficult. He pioneered the "Han Shu" mode and has been put into practice, to consolidate the Han Empire’s beam micro industry benchmark position, attract more big brand micro industry collusion. What is Chen Yuxin’s "Han Shu" model? How big is this dream?

2014 Chen Yuxin cosmetics seek innovation and development, taking micro Han beam as the industry benchmark

already past 2014, mobile business highlights than Internet business more rapid development momentum, the fire is the micro business, as the electricity supplier of new formats, it is becoming a force in the field of mobile providers fastest growing. This year, micro business is considered one of the most important channels for the distribution of products for the cosmetics industry, another way for innovation and development.

cosmetics brands eager to join the micro marketing force. Chen Yuxin, vice president of Shanghai Han beam cosmetics Limited company, the general manager of Shanghai Han beam O2O micro business division, a 12 year veteran in September 2014 to lead the Han Shu, Han beam micro business line, monthly payment quickly exceeded 100 million, became the China micro business leaders, "Chen Yuxin" and "Han beam micro business in the industry in the instantly detonated. When the interpretation of Chen Yuxin Internet electricity providers are still in panic when he had laid the leader Han beam micro business, according to Han beam insiders, Han beam company’s two brand Han beam and a leaves in January 2015 gains of nearly 300 million yuan performance in micro channel.

Chen Yuxin, I was taking micro endorsement "in 2015 to become Chen Yuxin and Han beam micro business more rich sense of mission and the positive energy of the title and label, Chen Yuxin had an interview, said:" micro business development needs benchmarking, need really big brand in micro firm industry needs more standardization the system, which is the most important reason for Korea to enter the field of business micro beam." 2015 Chen Yuxin wants through standardization of the development of South Korea’s micro beam, strengthening Han beam micro industry benchmark and taking a leading brand.

Joincare pharmaceutical brand "coveted" sweet cake


2014 derivative cosmetic surprise performance for traditional health industry are also eager to micro business how much influence so far no one can imagine, some medicine brand believes that micro business does not belong to any business or brand.