How to choose a domain name

March 2, 2017

      domain name resource is limited, and even can be said to be very short, a corporate website domain name is not just a logo, the domain name to a large extent is also an important marketing resources, need to be careful about the domain name registration. A good domain name should have the following six basic elements.

(1) short

     .Com and.Net used as the domain name, many small letters and have some literal words or word combinations may have been registered by others, but there are still some methods can be composed of relatively short domain name, usually can use some words or acronyms and abbreviations. A meaningful simple words, such as CNN and the United States recently produced the dispute of the domain name "" this is the case, is the abbreviation of" CN "Chinese plus English" NEWS "form, but you can still let people see its meaning.

      in addition, although sometimes English words are registered over, but happened to Chinese pinyin is short and has not been registered, so the Chinese Pinyin domain name is a good choice, the use of pure digital domain name is also very common, such as etc..

      domain name should not be more than the number of letters? In fact, there is no absolute standard, the provisions of the present is a combination of a domain name can contain up to 67 letters and numbers (3 letters including suffix), international domain name registration organization domain name is very long, so the number of domain name characters is relative. If you can do 5 characters, of course, the best, but do not have to stick to this, only as a reference.

(2) easy memory

      in order to let others know and remember, in addition to the number of characters, easy to remember is also a very important factor. Generally speaking, a common vocabulary and easy to remember, such as,,,,, and so on, but the other has the special effect or pronunciation of domain name is easy to remember, such as, etc..

      another meaning easy to remember is that you recommend to others is relatively easy to explain, therefore, pronunciation easily confused or contain a hyphen domain name is not ideal, for example, four of the group in the domain name is, to recommend their own web site is always one explanation a hyphen between "stone" and "group" is not too much trouble?