Ali online channel Sakura kitchen electric appliances repaying inferior delisting acceleration

March 2, 2017

online channel will no longer be a safe haven for low quality home appliances. The day before, the Alibaba officially announced, repaying all the wonderflower brands in all goods Tmall Taobao platform. This also means that Guangzhou has always been to seize the market at low prices to bid farewell to the mainstream home appliance online sales channels.

gas water heater all unqualified

it is understood that the combined detection of counterfeit and shoddy products in early January this year launched the Alibaba, Guangzhou Sakura gas water heater’s batch sampling all qualified, electric water heater, lampblack machine, disinfection cabinets and other products unqualified rate as high as 76.7%.

Although the quality of cherry blossoms in Guangzhou, poor quality of the product, but on the

has maintained a high sales. Orville yunwang (AVC) data show that in 2014 Guangzhou Sakura line lampblack machine sales of 266 thousand units, gas stoves online sales of 351 thousand units, water heaters, online sales of 161 thousand units, the overall size of the online kitchen market in the top 3.

in fact, speaking of Sakura kitchen electrical products, we are very familiar with, however, Guangzhou Sakura Electrical Appliance Industrial Co. Ltd. and the well-known brand is not the same. It is understood that there are many on the market including Japan Sakura, Sakura electrical appliance (Chinese) Co. Ltd., Suzhou science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Sakura Sakura Electrical Appliance Industry Co. Ltd. and so on, and the earliest and most famous Sakura is from Taiwan, currently in the domestic market by Sakura (China) responsible for Limited by Share Ltd.


to low open market gate

why not good quality, sales are way ahead? This Orville yunwang analyst Wang Yongtao think, mainly due to Guangzhou Sakura selling all kinds of product price is low, only to the industry average of 30%, or even lower, to cater to the characteristics of the preference for cheap online shopping crowd. Longmen Orville data show that the wonderflower water heater average price of 405 yuan, while the industry average price of 1260 yuan; wonderflower gas price is 181 yuan, while the industry average price of 582 yuan; wonderflower lampblack machine the average price of 396 yuan, while the industry average price of 993 yuan.


business platform shoddiness, experts in the industry, this is an inevitable situation in the process of the development of the online channel, online channel development, has been able to attract users, rely on more competitive prices. In the early development process, many brands may be considered to cause the price system of the line, not in the price adjustment, it would give some small manufacturers the opportunity, using low quality to benefit.

Wang Yongtao also said that the national regulatory system is not perfect and have great relations, in the electronic commerce business entered a period of rapid development, countries in the development of the electricity supplier matched supervision system of laws and regulations or to quickly follow up landing, led to the electricity supplier market system in the window period, bad money.