Discount electricity supplier outnet China layoffs 95% or withdraw from China

March 2, 2017

outnet.cn is in the discount fashion business will usher in the three anniversary of the teles, sources are non Chinese network revealed that in January 26th the company managing director of Stephanie Phair UK headquarters management dump Shanghai announced layoffs, layoffs of up to 95%, the company says it has hired legal counsel and staff to negotiate, according to close to the company the sources are non Chinese network revealed outnet.cn quite teles may withdraw China.

outnet.cn is a Chinese teles big three fashion website business platform THE OUTNET.COM UK Net-a-Porter Group Ltd. fashion business group, the platform officially launched in March 2012, a year after the March 19, 2013 Net-a-Porter net-a-porter.com website Chinese luxury quite special lady Chinese website also follow the line.

is the expansion of the Asia Pacific region, Net-a-Porter Group Ltd. group in Hongkong to establish an area of 12 thousand square meters of the distribution center, the service will cover 17 countries in the Asia Pacific region (region), including China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia, etc..

Because the

infrastructure and the payment of the parent company of Cie.Financiere Richemont SA (CFR.VX) Net-a-Porter Group Richemont payments, Ltd. group has been at a loss, but the group and the parent company Richemont’s earnings have shown the well-known British fashion business group to develop robust.

Neiman Marcus · Neiman died; Marcus Chinese shopping site

however, the international electricity supplier in the Chinese commonly encountered The climate does not suit one. one of the most "miserable", is the United States Department Store Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus · the group name brand into China in less than half the electricity supplier begins to die with vigour and vitality. Neiman Marcus · Marcus Chinese Neiman; shopping site launched in December 7, 2012, the company Chinese website also produced a special video, but the video from the creative and production of rough and lack of sincerity, or use China elements also lay the foundation for a day after the exit. Neiman Marcus · for the promotion of the Neiman Marcus; China e-commerce website in April 2014 has dispatched senior vice president and director Ken Downing to join the 9 fashion brand came to Shanghai the Bund show, but 1 months after the May 2013 Neiman Marcus · China declared Marcus Neiman; large layoffs and transformation strategy, then it is completely out.