Jingdong launched a new batch of former Japanese executives rotation vice president took over the gr

March 1, 2017

DoNews August 2nd news (reporter Yu Weiwei) according to the Jingdong news, Jingdong recently launched a new round of executive internal rotation, it is understood in the Jingdong, the managers of the future, the 70% will be produced through internal training.

in the executives rotation, the original computer digital marketing vice president Sun Jiaming was transferred to the daily mining sales department as vice president; computer digital mining sales department by the business director Du Shuang responsible for.

The original

daily mining sales department vice president Liu Fang was transferred to the group purchase department as vice president, responsible for the overall development of the business group purchase and management work; in addition, the original group purchase director Zhang Shouchuan CMO will serve as senior advisor office.

with a new round of executives rotation started, these three executives are required to work with the Jingdong chief marketing officer Lanye report.

Jingdong said that in the future of Jingdong managers, 70% need to be generated through internal training, Jingdong plans to build support for the next ten years, the development strategy of the supply chain system".

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