Google Adsense article station tips

March 1, 2017

Kazakhstan. Recent mood is depressed. But the only joy is to share with you google  Adsense’s practical experience. Today I’m going to talk about a  

site example! No copyright issues  

the core idea – advertising position and the actual click effect of this tutorial  

1, the article content based site.  

adsense is a very useful site.  

for today is to learn content and advertising content between home is two classes, a giant ad box with the contents of cohesion, creativity really  

member judge cheating, why?? For a webmaster, the general promotion of their web site is to write their own home page. But for  



in Figure 2, the color I used to show you the Department he convergence of content and advertising, ha ha, most people don’t see it, unless the station is  

can distinguish. Ha, this is what I told you today, but also the focus of optimization. Everybody good study.  



Figure 3, figure 4, is the content page, with figure 2 almost.

5, the final page, the contents of a very simple, this form generally adopted, for this page I suggest that there should be a   innovation;

, outstanding advertising, so the effect should be better. For example, the ad frame should have color, advertising background should be a little color, first, from the search  

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