Eleven lit the world’s 217 countries in the world’s first stunning Ali globalization show

March 1, 2017

Hangzhou Reuters zero on November 12th, Tmall eleven double data announced in, a total turnover of more than 57 billion 100 million yuan a day. This year’s Tmall dual eleven for the first time the world, and ultimately a total of 217 countries and regions in the map is a big screen light, to achieve the transaction.

global buy domestic consumer enthusiasm high

Tmall international is an important role in the first year of the eleven pair of globalization, the total of the United States, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions of the more than 40 thousand overseas commercial war "".

domestic consumers did not live up to the expectations of many imported businesses, products sold out in advance in the pre-sale period. Such as Costco dried cranberries and salted nuts, integrated Brita filter kettle, Reveur silicone free shampoo, Pobling seventh, Kao Kao steam cleaning instrument patches and other popular products, consumers in the double eleven day pay end the money, you can enjoy free shipping home service.

A salt baked with mixed nuts second U.S. retailer Costco

, the double eleven sold 80 thousand cans, equivalent to 90 tons, if the boxes stacked up high 32 Empire State Building height; another cranberries nearly 150 thousand sold a total of 204 tons. Brita, another German brand, sold 26 thousand filters and 32 thousand filters.

As of

11, 24, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Germany as the product output of the Chinese buyers favorite, and American Costco, Japan Kirindo, Korea LG kylin hall healthy life, American natural treasure, South Korea ltsskin to become the 5 largest business volume.

to strengthen the consumer experience of buyers, Tmall international bonded bonded mode. Overseas businesses will be transported to China’s domestic non bonded goods in advance, the consumer orders, the goods can be shipped directly from the domestic bonded area, greatly saving time. This model, so that Mr. Tang, who lives in Hangzhou, Jianggan District, thus becoming the country’s first received international cross-border parcels Tmall double eleven users, from the payment order to receive goods only a short period of 2 hours. As a model of free trade is an important part of Tmall international beauty bonded area sold out rate reached more than 90%, kylin hall, Japanese Shengnai bonded goods sold out.

it is understood that Tmall international since February 2014, has access to more than and 20 countries and more than 5 thousand and 380 overseas brands, 100%, 100% overseas direct mail genuine security, 100% free return guarantee, so that domestic consumers to buy peace of mind at ease, and the double eleven of the sales boom, is bound to attract more overseas businesses and brands, services to domestic consumers.

global selling lit global dream come true

when the flag of Singapore in the first eleven nights of the big screen to take the lead in the light

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