Taobao 28 street Taobao era of the brand shop road

February 28, 2017

when many friends asked why the positioning of Taobao 28 street is famous navigation, I said no matter from what point of view, the brand is the future Taobao store and Taobao inevitable trend, so I want to do brand navigation.

consumers more and more mature, more and more abundant accumulation

now consumers have not previously used to consumers, online shopping has just started, consumers are coated with a fresh, with a cheap, now consumers become more and more mature, more and more recognized brand, a Taobao store, they still have the feeling of advocating brand, such as cosmetics shop, the heart immediately flashed Green Tea lemon. To Lenovo to lemon Green Tea behind the story, the national film brand, can immediately think of the mud Fang, the brand will become more and more important, which is why Taobao from C2C to B2C, in addition to the Taobao mall, Taobao actually stores also has been gradually moving toward B2C, because individual entrepreneurs become more and more difficult on the Internet, consumers began to pay attention to the brand, such as buying books on Dangdang excellence, buy a mobile phone digital Jingdong and Taobao mall, give people the feeling Is the big stall, of course for many individual entrepreneurs will love this platform, but for Taobao itself is very bad.

Taobao 2 era, the era of online branding

if the previous Taobao is 1 times, create their own brand "taobao.com", then Taobao will usher in the 2 era, that is to build the net goods brand Taobao, Taobao brand shop building, which is now Taobao said power by Taobao! Is the real Taobao manufacturing, Taobao to create brand shop, Taobao to manufacture net goods brand, as we said earlier, Taobao is to create Green Tea lemon very successful brand shop, it can be said that e-commerce, you have to mention the boss of the C2C, net goods brand such as Royal mud square, the national cosmetics brand, has become a net goods brand Taobao.

seize the opportunity to create their own 2 era

where to go, you have to follow. You know what is the current trend, the crown shop a lot, even very much, if you are the crown stores, you are still immersed in the joy of making money, I think you might slow the pain, because you will be gradually forgotten, why? Because you do not have their own brand, overwhelmed by your new Taobao brand the shop will be rising, you will miss this opportunity, so when you calm down to think about your crown shop next to how to go? I want you to think of the brand, build brand shop, or create the net goods brand, we all know that lemon Green Tea also started to build their own network goods brand. Women’s "SEXY GIRL" brand, also can see these bosses eager in this opportunity, let myself to challenge myself 2 times.


store is the future of brand, brand, I hope this article can give some enlightenment to the manager of Taobao, Taobao 2 times closer together

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