Putian shoes to listen to the Dongguan package Taobao made in China, there are new regulations

February 28, 2017

news June 16th, the day before, Taobao released "taobao.com China quality management standard"

manufacturing marketThe

rules, settled China matter made "platform stores, merchandise must meet" quality standards "China made service requirements on the seller’s delivery speed, refunds processing speed, shipping services and other aspects of the new regulations. The rules take effect on June 14th.


"quality assurance services made in China" on the "quality of the Chinese made" merchants are as follows,

a, 48 hours lightning delivery

two, the national postal (remote areas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas)

three, the seller free return shipping insurance (signed letter of commitment in the business case, automatically marking goods to add shipping insurance, do not mark merchandise and category without opening do not add, unless businesses set up their own store freight insurance)

four, support the return commitment: no reason to return

15 days

five, lightning return service

six, speed refund service

in accordance with the Taobao China made quality market management norms, merchants settled in the Chinese made need to be certified through the field, and requires companies to sign up for more than a year, annual sales of more than one million. Have the leading production capacity, excellent design and development capabilities of enterprises is preferred.

billion state power network learned that in July 24, 2015, the Alibaba’s taobao.com announced officially launched an exclusive "China quality" channel, providing brand incubator for manufacturing enterprises, to provide consumers with high quality products trading platform. "Putian shoes" is the first stop of "made in China", and has opened up more than and 20 industrial belts, "Dongguan bags", "Chenghai toys" and "Nantong home textiles". As of December 7, 2015, has attracted more than 4500 factories settled in the company, the first year turnover is expected to exceed 15 billion yuan.

it is understood that China made quality can also provide better export services for businesses on the platform. July 21, 2015, made in China for the first time to test the water, fast sell through, Chenghai toys overseas, only one day attracted more than and 50 countries and regions in the world buyers snapped.

data show that the fast sell through for Alibaba’s global market to create an online trading platform for foreign markets, the majority of sellers called the international version of Taobao".

Alibaba said, "through aliexpress" high quality ", will test the water quality Chinese made goods sold to the world, one can borrow overseas market test" Chinese matter made "quality, on the other hand, also hope that the" foreigner evaluation "to provide reference opinions for the China consumers.

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