Deep in the Japanese market cross-border electricity supplier the princess and the pea won millions

February 28, 2017

cross-border electricity supplier from 14 years up to now, the traditional retailers, overseas business tycoon, start-up companies, logistics service providers and distributors to supply chain into the Bureau, Baigezhengliu, new concepts and new models, including the selection of emerge in an endless stream, a country specific vertical roots, to create a one-stop platform for ideas. Today, attention on Tao, take the B2B2C mode the princess and the pea team to 36 krypton exclusively revealed, has received tens of millions of dollars in A round of financing in the near future, by Ventech Capital lead investor, Tao Yun capital and a Japanese giant company to participate with the cast.


Weng founder

"the princess and the pea" permanent soared 18 year old studying after graduation to work in Japan, Itochu, 2000 and 3721 at the time, Japan’s Itochu joint venture founded the search company (now JWord), after the acquisition of Yahoo! JAPAN and GMO Inc. By the end of 04 due to meet the Lei, and in March 05 and Jinshan Group established a joint venture in Japan has been the development of good hill. "The princess and the pea" is the serial entrepreneur’s third project, launched in August 15, the deadline before the download is about 800 thousand, the average daily live 35%, nearly more than 2 thousand SKU platform.

Weng Yongbiao told the 36 krypton, he defines "Pea Princess" is a cross between China and Japan’s Tmall or Le Tian. So the platform to do things actually includes two parts, one part is to allow Chinese consumers can stop buying Japanese goods, and the other is to help SMEs in Japan to enter the domestic market.

I met a lot of (Japan) SME president complained that China is too difficult to do business, accidentally cheated." In the view of Weng Yongbiao, more than and 20 years of working experiences in Japan so that he can better understand the differences in business culture, and business owners in Japan Trust, help them develop China market, "as long as they can make the product."

for this purpose, the team developed a Japanese version of the electricity supplier management interface, local manufacturers can be directly assigned to upload goods, management orders, shipments and a series of operations. After that, the translation of commodity information, the goods shipped from the Japanese warehouse to the hands of Chinese users, as well as the cross-border settlement of funds by the Pea Princess team responsible for packaging completed.

According to Weng Yongbiao

, the princess and the pea, in Japan there are about ten people purchase team, as are recruiting local employees, plus my years of accumulated contacts, major brands can be found in grade one or two agents, talked about the good purchase price, even with a number of wholesale company is docking system the. "The cross-border electricity supplier in the competition purchase channels, the same price war, who started lower blood less."


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