China buy site winter has been to the industry into the era of profitability

February 28, 2017

Chinese group purchase market after high speed development will usher in accelerated differentiation stage, on site to dig people crazy expansion of group purchase era has passed, the industry competition, the profitability of the City Economic Zone forum · · five concentric engineering prize essay & middot; such action of low carbon life · fourth Chongqing Reading Month activities · 2011 morning news summer life season · ecological treasures mid autumn festival gifts Internet world tides tend to you unexpected speed development. Group purchase website a year ago, after fast fame and now Rainbow Night on the vivid interpretation of the process.

latest data show that in August China’s total market sales reached 1 billion 250 million yuan, the number of the opening of the 73 thousand and 100 phase also hit a record high. Group purchase and market competition pattern is clear, the month sales of billions of dollars in the first camp group purchase website increased to 7, while the small local site closed down number more than 300.

industry insiders believe that the overall explosive growth and the stability of the site to play, not only recovered due to a large number of small group purchase sites become a zombie station caused by the gap in the market, but also promote the whole industry to develop in depth, present to the group purchase industry mouthing atmosphere played a significant role in control field.

some people say that China’s Internet industry is the history of the purchase, entrepreneurship and financing the most crazy industry. Data as evidence, in March last year the first batch of group purchase website China as handles, Groupon was established, according to incomplete statistics, as of August this year, has more than 5500 enterprise group purchase. Handle network, Wo Wo Group, dianping.com foreign announced billions of dollars in financing plan, announced tens of millions of dollars financing group purchase website is beyond count. As the originator of group purchase industry, the United States Groupon established 18 months up to $1 billion 350 million valuation, and handle network set up 13 months when the valuation has reached a staggering $1 billion 100 million! At the beginning of the year the group purchase website advertising budget is also big, Groupon topped with 550 million yuan.

, however, accompanied by the development of supersonic, the industry is becoming more and more serious problems. On the one hand, some irresponsible businesses, for the use of "low price" to attract the attention of consumers, the product hype, eventually lead to disputes in the process of consumption; on the other hand, the question in the process of staking group purchase website frequently encountered profitability, generally less than 10% of the gross profit is always a bottleneck the development of the industry. It was revealed that some sites even reduced the proportion of pumping to only 2% to 3%. There are some sites too dependent on capital, the pace of development, the scale does not follow the laws of Commerce, products and services are highly similar, causing severe homogenization of competition.

someone exclaimed the winter has been to group purchase. Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission network, said: buy the bubble as fast as the ozone layer, and this winter will soon come." Not long ago, Gaopeng came news of layoffs, and the overall cut >

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