Analysis of typical errors in foreign trade website

February 28, 2017

what is the foreign trade website, foreign trade website is to allow foreign users to visit, contact your company and products of the English Web site, but these days found a lot of foreign trade websites have problems. Recently saw a lot of foreign web site, found a serious problem, a lot of foreign websites have a website on errors, these problems can not be belittled. There are even some of the most basic issues that are essential to every foreign trade site that must be followed by.

1 web page with a flash: page ZhengZhan only one flash, flash connected to into the inside pages. There is a big problem with this kind of website design. Only pay attention to good-looking, ignore the search engine optimization, search engine is not recognized because the connection inside the flash, will not grab the other sub pages of your web page. Secondly, if the user of the flash control problem. He also visited your site; or the user have no interest in seeing you flash, the volume of flash was relatively large, slow speed, will let users wait for a long time, irritable heart, turn off your web site, the solution to the problem. At least in the home page to add a file link to the inside pages. Search engine can enter the page smoothly, the user can also need not wait for flash to finish loading to enter the inside page.

2 foreign trade website has Chinese Code: some English pages. Query -> in the browser there; check the source code, we can even see Chinese characters, some even join the web development in keyword or descript in the Chinese company name, which is not conducive to the website optimization, website is very professional. Once a friend sent her web site I looked at. As shown in the figure.


foreign trade website to do this is really a pity, a waste of time, while the company’s expectations become empty

3 foreign trade website with gb2312: this is also wrong. GB2312 this code is only used by china. Foreign users simply do not recognize this computer code. This is the consequence of some of the pages will be garbled. Another is not professional.

first summary so much time is limited, so I have time to summarize some typical errors come out, the copyright belongs to Tom professional foreign trade station www.suptom.com, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

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