B Telecom still adhere to the CRM service provider coming to the electricity supplier in the bowl!

February 28, 2017

BI, CRM and other concepts put forward in the last century, in practice, but also in the telecommunications industry, such as the first IT practice. Put aside the academic concept of stiff, I understand, BI, CRM, or, as well as the subsequent precision marketing, the most critical is two points:

1): user oriented view on the problem from the perspective of the user, including the user needs insight, how based on user needs change and scene to carry out external marketing, internal management and operation of


2): data driven analysis, decision of all, even all the subtle aspects of implementation process, as far as possible to the data level, the data category including simple statistical data, including the prediction of the integration of BI and data mining technology, the most typical is the various user data labels or label content.

for domestic telecom operators, to bring these two ideas: "lift height", and "the letter", "manufacturer" often need support, which is in the B software and service providers, in these "manufacturers", both the localization of the CICA and HUAWEI, have like IBM, Teradata, Accenture, such multinational companies, we provide the support form and can be roughly divided into three categories:

a) software and platform to provide: that is, from a simple tool, software system perspective to understand CRM, BI, sold out;

B localization of IT services: system operation and maintenance, development and optimization of functional modules, daily data development, simple data statistics, etc.;

C) business services: starting from the business perspective, analysis, decision analysis, business strategy, Architecture Refinement operators, such as cooperative operations more in-depth customer service solutions to business problems such as business data, and the part of the IT, including the design and development of data service products. The development of the traditional BI feature model, design and development… And into the BI analysis of the decision-making capacity of the intelligent decision of product

of course, in the domestic market in the telecommunications industry to do things in the atmosphere, the content will inevitably be combined with the actual situation, there will be a lot of water feeling. But from the positive point of view, there are a lot of positive things settle down, especially the "user oriented" and "data driven" concept in the operator and B manufacturer from difficult "root" began to gradually expand the positive cycle — penetrated into various business sectors, and gradually reform the traditional analysis, the original decision mechanism (to a certain extent). In addition, it is gradually formed and the training mechanism in the process of selecting talents, especially among those between business personnel and technical personnel of the /IT essential role, this role often have a technical background, in the data analysis and decision skills, and familiar with the business logic, can the real business problems and make decisions quickly based on the scene. The framework, and through the data and BI technology fall into specific products, or directly.

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