ccdphtsv domain name on the transfer of some of the business instructions

February 28, 2017

1    how to register and manage domain names under registered a ID, you can immediately register the domain name, Alipay, or through online payment, bank transfer record, can register at any time, at any time, at any time of payment, management, at present cn is a registered domain price $1, $40 for the renewal of   & nbsp;   com  international domain name; net org is 60 yuan / year     renew the same.The ownership of the right to use the registered

, the management rights to you all. Can turn out at any time, trading and other operations. This is a network core level agent channel (

2    how to transfer from other registrar to

    first to get the domain name out of the Registrar’s password. And then directly in the domain name of your account domain value-added services into. General 5-10 days can be transferred to your ID. The system automatically renew for a year.

3    how to transfer the domain name to the buyer in

    first buyers to apply for a in ID.     use your domain name all the mail to the seller [email protected]

4    from other agents to nets.

    to go through your agent’s consent, only your agent has permission to transfer. Let your agent transferred to the site of the agency, the need to provide him with the information of this site is id    20059683    ID [email protected]    general mail; your agents agree, can immediately transfer. (pay attention to some direct)

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