Taobao train promotion techniques include Amoy blue ocean interpretation!

February 28, 2017

Taobao train promotion techniques include what? Amoy blue ocean interpretation!

want to do a good job in the promotion of Taobao, we must grasp some of the skills. In this way, we can be more effective in the promotion of the future. What are the main skills of Taobao train promotion? Here, I’ll give you a brief introduction, I hope to help you.

first, it is necessary to lock a few key words of the system, to see its relevance, show the index, and then look at its market average bid. The second point is to flow analysis, according to the key words here to show the index, which is a lot of people ignore. However, if the first two points, if it is particularly troublesome circumstances, we can also choose third points, which is very simple. As long as people will buy things to do an action, that is, there are a lot of keywords in the search drop-down box, we can choose in this and their baby related.

to do this, although it is very simple, but it is the most practical. A lot of knowledge in the time to talk about it very reasonable, but sometimes it is not particularly useful, but the third point is indeed the most commonly used, so it can effectively increase the role of sales. In addition, there is one point worthy of our attention, Taobao is in there above the column, you are not looking for a few words: This is the key, perhaps there are some key words is not search, this time can be found here. So, Taobao train promotion skills sometimes, can not be too simple, we have to do in many ways to prepare. Promotion skills if you can grasp the above points, on the whole, it is possible to do the sales up. The other is to add some experience on it.

Through the above

for some important factors to promote the car to do some analysis, the following is now under the blue sea Amoy and how to choose the word and how to drive.

There are many kinds of

words, I said I used it, because the category of factors, the category keyword is not a lot, I used more is through words, words in the Amoy car recommended search word and background in quantum click words, occasionally look at the Taobao search drop-down frame.

word to find, the next step is to add these words to the train account, the general set of hot words for precise matching, the other words are the central word matching.

I will set up two promotion plans, one is the main push, one is the push.

main push of the word put are some show good, there is a click, and conversion is also good word.

times the word is put in a number of relatively small tail.

why did you do that?

because some of the better words, you need to pay attention to its ranking, and sometimes a day can be adjusted a few times, put the baby on the highest click position, and according to their own >

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