Wanda electricity supplier enlightenment the basic problems in the traditional enterprise nternet p

February 28, 2017

review: "Internet plus" road is not smooth, with no successful experience of the moment, feeling the stones is the last ditch.


Internet penetration of traditional industries is becoming more and more thorough, the scenario of this era reminiscent of the end of the steam era of electricity to the old industrial revolution. In the Internet business when its tentacles into all walks of life, the traditional enterprise Internet plus road also crazy forward. This paper does not discuss the penetration of the Internet on traditional industries, but as discussed by the revolution of a party, the traditional enterprise transformation in Internet plus on the road, pay attention to what. This article does not discuss in detail too much, just to do some discussion on the strategy, the road to Jane, so it is divided into three basic issues, hoping to give the transformation of traditional enterprises a revelation.

On the way Internet plus

in the traditional industry, the most successful enterprise who dare not say, but the most famous is none other than the non Wanda electricity supplier. Wanda electricity supplier has become famous time factor to promote its own characteristics, but also the modern transformation of traditional businesses facing the confusion, since Wanda electricity supplier is one of the important reference target of traditional enterprise transformation, we take it as the case to talk.

was founded in 2014, Wanda electricity supplier now has three highlights, the first is the registered capital of 5 billion and will invest $20 billion in the capital strength of the year 5. Second, the traditional enterprise giant Wanda and Internet giant Baidu, Tencent’s powerful combination, which Wanda Group holds a 70% stake in Baidu, Tencent each holds a stake of 15%. Third, to recruit executives, at the beginning of the establishment of Wanda electricity supplier throws 2 million annual salary to recruit talents "caused a stir in June of this year, Wanda electricity second CEO Dong policy formally after the departure of Wanda electricity threw out the" 8 million annual salary "recruitment CEO. Recently, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang ridicule, Wanda electricity 8 million annual salary CEO recruitment headhunting even found himself, and said a little tempted, this is a little humor.

from the topic of influence, Wanda electricity supplier is not successful, but because of who fly online line test after hiatus, and experienced many executives unrest, had unanimously bullish opinion now seems to have some doubts.

so these companies for our traditional industries, from the experience of Wanda electricity supplier can get what revelation?

first, the transition should be driven by consumer demand rather than the will of the leaders

Prior to the establishment of Wanda electricity supplier in

, Wanda Group Chairman and founder of Alibaba group had a famous gambling".

in December 12, 2012, Chinese CCTV economic person of the year award to the scene Ma and Wang Jianlin "can replace the traditional physical retail e-commerce" debate, and create a great sensation "billion bet". The two sides in 2022 electricity supplier in China’s retail market share can account for about 50%, if the realization of Wang Jianlin to Ma

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