The network group purchase industry began to expose the scam

February 28, 2017

now, more and more industry group purchase website, mainly in building materials, Home Furnishing marriage, catering and entertainment, digital and other fields, but with the emergence of a large number of industry group purchase website, also destined to these sites on the quality of the market on the uneven in quality, no effective supervision group purchase website, perhaps from the history of the development of the industry point of view this may be a tragedy.

yesterday also have a netizen told me, he attended a group purchase activities China network all the results found fooled, from beginning to end is the site of a set, I think it is a typical representative of a group purchase network scam, it is necessary for everyone to share, to prevent.

According to

1, the group purchase activities products on the project, a product is a special offer, but when it comes to the site to purchase group purchase, the staff will tell you that this product has been sold out, only in accordance with the market price to buy. In fact, this is an old trick, long before the mall often use it, such as tomorrow is the TV shopping list will be in the group purchase, then come out tonight, write the different handwriting made up of personal information, no matter how early tomorrow is no hope, then the staff will only have no TV group purchase tell you, only the market price of color tv.

2, the group purchase activities on the page also shows that as long as in group purchase activities, and registration of personal information, you can receive a XX gift, in fact, to the group purchase site, the staff will register your information, but not what gift to you. Because they can sell your registration information to the merchant, and gifts like the need to pay their own costs.

3, the group also noted that the event, as long as the purchase of the product on the gift of another product of the brand, but in fact it is impossible, this argument is only used to attract popularity. Because after businesses may not sell you the special offer products, send you something, it will affect the traditional channel brand. Of course, after the end of the group purchase website, the staff explained that another gift product was purchased by the site itself, but this is just a temporary appease users only, the website itself by group purchase products obtained limited profit, and then presented the products to users, it would do is lose money, the website will not do.

4, the group purchase website organization group purchase activities, to the "friends" are laughing and talking, basically can be identified as acquaintance. In fact, group purchase number is not up to the demands of the business, and then find the method of cheating acquaintance, but also It is often seen. Is the main competition and publicity is not in place, resulting in the number of users of the group purchase is very few, but no way, businesses must look is popular, you can bring people the website have the ability, he will agree with you, if no one to say, it will not be.


, but also shows the status of most industry group purchase website, on the surface in smooth water, behind it is anchaoyongdong. To be honest, to do good, whether a site or service flow, the difficulties are only temporary, more important.

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