Taobao guest you are seriously do stand

February 28, 2017


is the Alibaba’s customer of a product is a product, let the webmaster to obtain Commission promotion through Taobao customers of Taobao inside products, a joint plan is equivalent to Taobao. Taobao guest on the launch of a large number of small and medium site owners are welcome, because of the flexibility to promote more products, the Commission is also relatively good! If the flow is accurate, the gain is very good!

a lot of grassroots webmaster in Taobao made money, a variety of training institutions have emerged. A large number of new customers to enter Taobao, which suddenly appeared numerous Taobao guest site, overwhelming coverage of a variety of keywords, including the core keywords and long tail keywords. A lot of keywords before ten page is Taobao’s first guest basic domain name. A lot of people flinch, feel the competition is too big! But I think, in fact, do these keywords and not everyone imagine so difficult! Let’s take a look at the general Taobao guest is how to do stand!

1 single page station.

this kind of website is very special, only a few pages of the few! Even a website on a home! Because the competition is not to add the title keywords! Written more standardized! Get hits for sure! Can keep ranking. This kind of website is only suitable for the competition is relatively small keywords, because both in the chain and content of such sites have no advantage.

2 is a framework + blog

use WordPress or zblog, in the upper part of the site to do a big frame, calling a single page, and the real content is hidden in the comparison, the user can not see the place. This website content is rubbish, because users can not see, do not need to consider the user experience! In addition, this website generally no one is willing to exchange links with him, so in the chain also rely on stationmaster hair outside the chain, if not outside the chain of funds, it is difficult to have the chain high website quality! So, is this kind of competitive website


3 using API program to do station.

such sites is the focus of the object of Baidu, because it calls API, resulting in a large number of duplicate content. Baidu on this site before a clean-up. So, use this program to do the guest station, the content is no advantage, and the API program on the server requires very high, if almost a little server’s Web site will be very slow! This is the second shortcomings! So, this kind of website competitiveness is not


4 using CMS to do their own station

this kind of website is the most competitive in front of several sites. Because of this, the station can do good! Can also do very poor! However, Tao guest usually, stack keywords, copy spam. In the user interface is not much effort, the user experience is very poor. The conversion rate of this kind of website is very general, even worse than the above unit, but in the search engine friendly than the above. >

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