Double 11 car business revival smoke Triwizard early pattern

February 28, 2017

you "double 11" war "? All the people in this" armed "festival, even if you didn’t buy a tube of toothpaste, compared to those in the online full Car Buying buyers, is not too LOW? Yes, the" double 11 "play is thrilling. From "Huaquanxiutui" to "the real thing", trying to tear down the pseudo electricity supplier label car makers in the "double 11" and the buyers, car prices have become a great understanding, a group of data to create a be struck dumb.

"double 11" began only 7 minutes, a buyer from Shanghai by car home to 376 thousand and 800 yuan price of a Cadillac SRX, became the first online full Car Buying; "double 11" on the same day, the total order car home to 37117 vehicles, orders amounted to 6 billion 54 million yuan, the total sales 2488, the full amount of sales of 223 million yuan; the car that day with 532331 orders for the total perfect ending, confirmed the same day turnover reached 15796, turnover amounted to 1 billion 873 million yuan; Tmall [micro-blog] is the use of "double 11" to create a 57 billion 100 million yuan huge sales, the industry generally predicted the Tmall car category turnover probably more than clothing, sitting on the turnover of the top spot.

"I dare you dare to throw", in the face of Chinese netizen bold shopping attitude, business car prices worth mentioning, this "double 11" if you are not the real thing, I’m afraid the next was PASS.

is no longer the "slower"

from the 2013 "double 11" data, an average of 10% to 15% conversion rate orders become mishap in automotive electricity supplier, how to get through this bane has become the problem of the automobile business in 2014 to deal with. In the industry view, open up the line is the most difficult car business online payment in full, and this is one reason why the electric car "slower".

as one of the "double 11" mainstream car business, car home opened a large online payment function, and to achieve docking with the dealer system, can guarantee the information online and offline consistent, thus avoiding the user to buy orders after the car appeared. According to car home Vice President Ma Gang said, in order to launch a Car Buying online during the double 11, car home early to begin preparations for the first time, and more than 6 thousand dealers across the country are bound to payment system, achieve financial docking, in order to achieve the true sense of the flow of funds docking. This year ‘double 11’ the main task is not to sell the number of cars, but to achieve a precise set from the customer to the historic transaction." Car home CEO Qin bluntly.

also noteworthy is that the balance of treasure Car Buying service launched Tmall 3 months ago, to achieve both full payment and fund management. The Tmall is using big data and Ali cooperation with sina micro-blog, the mining of Car Buying precise crowd and exploration of large commodity electricity supplier micro-blog, to a certain extent in the transformation of the automotive electricity supplier "". However, for online >

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