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February 28, 2017

"black five" during the chop hand can also cool experience? I am afraid that many consumers to shake his head. Consumers have said that at the end of last November in a shopping site to buy foreign direct mail order has not arrived, bad shopping experience so that these domestic Jingdong, Tmall has long been "spoiled" users crazy. In the industry view, the process is not controllable sea Amoy industry is currently the biggest problem, due to the supply chain is too long, the number of goods and service experience is more difficult to solve.

slow to crash

"sea Amoy people" Cheng man recently collapsed, because she was in the black five last year, the order of the 6 and so far has not been seen in the two. One of them is their sea Amoy and find the transfer platform to buy men’s winter boots, another one is by Alipay in the Messi department store to buy a sweater and gloves. Two orders order time has been more than 50 days ago, now a single in the clearance process, after a single show in December 6th last year after the business has been shipped "no audio. Alipay is in 12 days this month issued a 60 yuan of "sea Amoy parcels delay red apologize.

however, two days before her next visit Alipay view order information, found the original overseas direct purchase delay reminders page display update, "2015 Spring Festival is approaching, some relevant work personnel will also continue to enter the holiday, international transportation, customs clearance and other aspects of Chinese may be delayed, you submit payment orders may be after the Spring Festival to be served". This means that she had to wait a month and a half, the clothes also spring, can only wear again next year.

"my sea Amoy experience is rich, but similar to the situation has not met for a long time." Cheng Man believes that this may be the last year, black five during the sea Amoy hot, caused by the surge in the number of orders, although the platform expressed understanding, but she still believes that this user experience is unbearable.

process uncontrollable

blue ocean pier CEO once had to accept the Beijing Business Daily reporter interview, by 2017 the sea Amoy accounted for the entire network of 7% of sales, this is mainly due to the demand increasing. But last year, black five sea Amoy experience is poor, mainly due to uncontrollable process.

according to the Beijing Daily reporter, typical sea Amoy mainly includes five steps: delivery, warehousing (transport), international express delivery, customs clearance and domestic express, in addition to the current domestic express, the other four sectors have almost no way to achieve process control.

to Alipay overseas direct purchase mode as an example, the shipper is business cooperation. Cheng man 4 Alipay overseas direct purchase orders in the fastest delivery payment is Niemann, one day after delivery; the slowest is Bloomingdales, payment 8 days after delivery, and then after 5 days to arrive at the warehouse. That is to say, Alipay in overseas cooperation warehouse received the parcel when some order is over two weeks.

storage is not reflected in the control, including the vast majority of domestic fans, including

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