Webmaster, why do you earn less than working

February 28, 2017

recently read the article, the 44 differences between work and entrepreneurship, with many of the claims, now excerpts are as follows:

1 is to rely on their own ability to eat, entrepreneurship is to rely on their own wisdom and thinking to eat;

2 is to rely on others to their own platform to demonstrate the ability to start their own business is determined by the vision and create a platform;

often see webmaster wrote, said hard but earn less than Qian Yunyun. Is Louis, it is difficult to understand why these owners not to earn money, like this can not understand how society there are people who need the matchmaker girlfriend Oh……

words to be Louis that make money or not, mainly to see the mentality and thinking is correct.

I have always been in the blog and Webmaster Station issued a document, that only the talent with my article, ha ha…… I’m a little proud of it, but the result is disappointing. In October 08, Guangxi Normal University, to listen to a celebrity speech, lecture the professor said a word, I will not forget this life, he said, you sit in the audience, there are a lot of people today is my mistake to pull. For example, what other words wrong, took it as a joke, or make fun of each other at the venue texting speaker! What kind of mentality!?? The professor did not point out. But the speech deeply affected me. Also, in many speeches, and did not seriously listen to the speaker to express what is, and the mind used to pull his mistakes on the. Wait for a long time, finally caught. Haha…… This rookie, this simple common sense is wrong, not even me. Ha ha…… Borrow to seize the mistakes of others to raise their own mindance how!!!


remembered a few days ago in stationmaster net hair article "to work with a monthly income of 3000 days into the 3000" Wangzhuan, do not know how to engage, when the last blog address should write WWW. Ha ha…… So a lot of people step on! Many people think that the article is rubbish. I dare not say that the article is much better, can not evaluate low. But objectively speaking, the article points out that the success of the network is a number of elements. When we listen to the speaker, if we listen carefully to what the speaker is saying, it will be more rewarding than the one who is devoted to waiting for the speaker to make a mistake. I believe this should be the case, it is definitely a success, the need for a learning heart.

webmaster, most can be classified as business types, is to eat by the wisdom and thoughts of my own. The choice to play, had to endure the cold; through which can avoid exposure to tropical?! choose to do, which can start out thinking?! left thinking, owners can make money, you should go out and hit by a meteor probability do not go to the poor. The passive water is not long, the root of the tree is not high, there is no rich experience and knowledge, thinking is difficult to correct. Experience does not necessarily have to personally experience, the experience of others can also learn. Or that sentence, success cannot do without a heart of learning, people has a short. Make fun of others

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