The tall was met after the Taobao counter attack cabbage.

February 28, 2017

[Abstract] Taobao has always been a wonderful website, called "universal Everything is contained therein., Nothing needed is lacking. Taobao". Even the tall things, you can also find another "posture it on Taobao". For example:

1 Series: 30 yuan to buy 10 thousand G: enough to see a lifetime

billion state power network saw a lot of low sales shops in the Taobao online HD TV, the price from a few dollars to tens of dollars, but the number of American TV available is very impressive, from hundreds to tens of thousands of G ranging from G.


shop package screenshot

point to open a 30 yuan can buy 7000G TV shops, billion state power network has a variety of packages to see American consumer choice. Through the communication with the owner, billion state power network has learned, the seller of his collection of American resources, if the purchase of a full set of TV series will also receive 3500G Douban movie. The seller said the TV can watch online or download, or free to SkyDrive.

billion state power network to ask the seller the source of these American resources, the seller reply said: "all is on the team to search on the internet". Asked whether it will be involved in copyright disputes, the seller replied: "online selling are like this (piracy). If you want to buy genuine, you have to buy a cd."


Part of the United States


the seller sent directory can see that sellers drama in recent years include almost all the famous American TV Film Quarterly, giving up to 250. Some netizens commented: enough to see a lifetime."

2 software: cheaper than cabbage Microsoft



Taobao windows installation system price


Microsoft official website installation price

Taobao not only to provide cheap products, as well as free remote installation services, dual system, single system options, and even the computer system can be cleaned and optimized. The most critical thing is that Taobao’s sales of the installation of the system software can install multiple computers, Microsoft completely defeated.


Windows office price is cheaper, but in fact, free office software other sites are also very much, at this point, Taobao also charges, slightly weakened competitiveness.

II Adobe


Adobe is the world’s leading provider of digital media and online marketing solutions. Adobe’s customers include companies around the world

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