VR shopping favored experts said 2025 will replace the traditional retail shops

February 28, 2017

experts predict that in 2050, virtual reality (VR) will replace the current high street retail form, becoming the mainstream shopping.


VR shopping

this means that consumers do not have to compete with you in the store shopping, you can stay at home to complete all the purchase process.

put on the head of the VR display, consumers will be able to try all the costumes in the virtual dressing room, and even get the guidance of the AI shopping guide designed specifically for the taste of consumers ordering.

express industry will also change: unmanned airborne parcels, backyard pickup will become a part of people’s daily life in the future.

The Future of "from above" Shopping "(" shopping in the future ") report, experts talk about" the impact of the fourth industrial revolution "– the integration of physical and biological technology, digital – to bring the shopping behavior in the report.

envisaged in this forecast report, VR head can show the mood of consumers through the virtual store lighting and atmosphere.

immersive virtual experience will spread to the product itself, for example, consumers can visit cocoa farms in the virtual world, to experience the process of chocolate beans from picking to processing, eventually made chocolate production.

on consumer preferences habits so well AI assistant can even help consumers in advance orders, the first to buy goods. For example, when the consumer’s beach holiday is approaching, the AI assistant will be able to show consumers a range of swimwear.


future VR shopping will replace today’s high street retail form

in addition, holographic fashion show different occasions or will become a major trend in the future of the fashion show.


report co-author, digital marketing company Holition chief technology officer Russell Freeman (Russell · Freeman) said: "the fashion industry for their innovative characteristics of proud, ironically we are still shopping so old."


must wait for the use of the fitting room, the limited space of the shops… The whole shopping experience highly homogeneous."

shopping in the future should be a customized experience, taste different, different feelings of the people of the consumer process should be different. In Holition, we call this process humanization of science and technology."

augmented reality (AR), VR, unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence will be a huge change in our way of shopping."

"for us, based on the forefront of this revolution exciting."

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