The nternet recently discovered the most expensive domain name Chinese

February 28, 2017

June 7th news, the most expensive Chinese domain names on the Internet – Chinese.TM domain name. The latest Internet era, with the English.TM, the price of each domain are close to twenty thousand.

It is reported that.TM

, formerly Turkmenistan country domain name, after being accepted as a trademark (abbreviation TradeMark). TM domain name represents the domain name. Top management for NIC.TM, allowing the personal registration, no need to submit data, do not allow the registration of one or two letters or numbers of the domain name, the word ISO3166 does not allow the country code, the name of the country are retained. In China, NIC.TM is the only authorized agency for the Guangdong times Internet (www.now.cn).

English with.TM,.TM Chinese minimum registration period for 10 years, each English TM market price close to twenty thousand yuan. Is the most expensive domain name on the internet. It is understood that the English.TM domain name in April 19 to the domestic open, although the price is very expensive, but there are still many well-known brands successfully registered, such as msn.tm, apple.tm, sun.tm, baidu.tm, etc..

it is understood that the era of the Internet to launch three Chinese domain name:.CC,.TV and Chinese Chinese Chinese.TM. Plus there are:.CN,.Com,.Net,.Sh,.Io,.Ac, company, network,.Hk,.Tw,.Biz and other Chinese domain name, the domain name of the registered domain can really reach 14 kinds.

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