Russian media Chinese electricity sales topped the global giant to seize the Russian market

February 28, 2017

Reference News Network November 3rd reported that Russian media, the famous market research firm Nelson released data last weekend, China’s online retail sales exceeded the United states. As of the end of 2014, China’s electricity supplier market size reached $2 trillion. At the same time, China’s Internet economy accounted for 7% of gross domestic product, this data is also more than the United states. Compared with China, the Russian electricity supplier market is insignificant, this year the best can only reach $13 billion. Russian Internet trade is now mainly through cross-border trade growth, and one of the best in china.

according to Russia’s "independent" reported on November 2nd, Nielsen Co report pointed out that in 2014 China’s online retail sales ranked first in the world. Over the past 10 years, China’s e-commerce has maintained a high growth rate. Nielsen Co said: as of the end of 2014, the industry has reached 13 trillion and 300 billion yuan (about $2 trillion)."

reported that last year, China’s Internet economy accounted for 7% of gdp. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) analysis, said: in recent years, China’s online retail sales in the world. With the help of the global Internet, China’s market for electronic information has grown rapidly over the past 5 years."

2011-2015, the rapid growth of the market value of China Internet Corporation. CNNIC pointed out: "at present, there are 328 listed companies, of which 61 listed in the United States, the mainland of China in the 209, the 55 in Hongkong. Their market value reached 7 trillion and 850 billion yuan, accounting for China’s stock market capitalization of about $25%."

reported that the Russian electricity supplier development speed is relatively fast. Although sales are still small compared to china. According to data from Data, an analyst firm, in 2014, Russia’s physical goods sold at a price of about $560 billion, with an additional $85 billion in cross-border trade. In other words, the Russians spent 645 billion rubles on the Internet last year (about $64 billion 100 million) to buy physical goods.

Data Insight report shows that in 2014 Russia’s online sales grew by 35% – this is just the Russian store sales. If you count the purchase of Russian foreign shop, this data is more than 40%.

"The main driving force for the growth of cross-border Internet trade in Russia in 2014 was from China – the proportion of its orders grew from 45% to just over a year," said

analyst." However, China’s cross-border trade in Russia, the market sales of less than 55%. The average price of Chinese shop orders is half of europe.

reported that while Chinese Internet retailers do not intend to stop expanding in russia. At the end of October, aliexpress rival Jingdong announced plans for the future to occupy the Russian electricity supplier market 60%. Tass quoted Jingdong international business unit President Xu Xinquan: "we predicted the future in Russia will.

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