Small appliances 3 fold quad core mobile phone 535 Gome online catch special purchases for the Sprin

February 28, 2017

Spring Festival is approaching, the new year without repairing appliances. Gome Online Home City Kui Hui hot hits! Small appliances 3 fold, electric heating as low as 19.9 yuan, DELL 7 inch ultra-thin flat 599 yuan, 4 core mobile phone peak huge benefits 535 yuan, micro camera as low as 1399 yuan, there are many brand-name appliances value huge benefit

not to be missed!


high quality micro single sold only 1399 yuan

more than 1 thousand dollars can buy high-quality micro camera, a model for the Pentax Q-10 kit, lightweight and convenient and practical, but also can replace the lens, 12 million 400 thousand effective pixels, divided into silver, black, red three, active price is only 1399 yuan. Lenovo G510 15.6 inch notebook computer G510AT/G510AM (G510AT-I3-4000M, the official standard, special offer for only 2698 yuan! Super 2G graphics performance of this game, let you seckill mainstream game. The win8 system allows you to enjoy the new system, the magic price limit, flash sale, each ID purchase one! Millet 4 quad core mobile phone, 2.5GHz processor, 3G ram, 5 inches +800 screen, 13 million megapixel camera, the Lunar New Year special, for only 2149 yuan! Samsung dual thin flat for only 589 yuan! There are more big you new year a new low price, let you buy a wayward



small household appliances straight down thousands of dollars to buy your price difference

many small household electrical appliances such as rice cookers, kitchen utensils are essential in many family life. Gome online, small appliances at the venue, straight down thousands of small household appliances, shopping spree is not closing! Pioneer HD13RC-19/DF1117 European fast heating furnace, sold at 179 yuan, IPX2 waterproof function, in the bath amphibious, hanging vertical dual-use, that is hot, with the increase of drying racks, clothes drying clothes wet socks, no longer have to. You and your family have a warm comfortable faith, beautiful design, fashion printing, large outlet so that you and your family to enjoy the warm moment. Joyoung 5L JYY-50YL80 intelligent electric pressure cooker, appointment, thick pot double liner manufacturers formal authorization of the flagship store, genuine guaranteed authentic, special offer, for only 249 yuan. There are more brand-name small household appliances, unexpected low prices, such as you buy!

we hit the bottom of the electricity price crazy grab

BCD-175QM (E) 175 liters, Wyatt white double door refrigerator as low as 1249 yuan. How far the vacuum foaming technology, the body of the bubble hole uniform careful, optimize the cooling structure, reduce the consumption of more than 5%. 38 DB mute enjoy humanized wide door design, unique hidden handle design, simple atmosphere, not easy to fouling and easy to clean, so that you and your family during the Spring Festival to enjoy the moment of fresh fruits and vegetables! 32HME5000 Chuangjia CP63 32 inch slim narrow 32 inch flat screen TV, LED LCD screen, support USB>

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