Switch to Taobao, what time will the night

February 28, 2017

I am from Lanzhou, although there are mountains and water, the environment is suitable for people to live, but after all, is the second tier cities, the economy is not very developed, I am the company’s monthly salary plus benefits to the end of the calculation is only around 2500. When a person’s own sense of life is happy, but now I grow up, have a lot of ideas, a lot of things is not ideal, also do not want to always work for other people, want to do some of their love and freedom.

in 2013, so he quit his job and decided to open up the Taobao store, Taobao do not have to worry about unemployment, do a good job of Taobao is to do their own boss. In the early 04 years have heard of Taobao shop to buy a car, today on Taobao millionares There are plenty of people who own efforts, I believe and tenacity children can make achievements, earn money, can still succeed. So the next story.

has a very simple shop in Taobao, registered members, real name authentication, through the beginning of the line. It didn’t take long for my Taobao store to open up. Everything is difficult at the beginning, adhere to and implement the heart will win. When I first contact Taobao almost every night before sleep, the morning get up very early on, in the Taobao forum, Taobao university learning advanced shop experience, exchange of experience, through the efforts of previous work with their existing marketing experience, make their own boss the first barrel of gold.

had a reputation for half a year, only 2 drill point, although the money, but not much, because I want to sell the house, always want to accelerate the speed of money, but with a crown shop in the same product to grab my business too much, but I have to ask some Taobao veteran in some of the predecessors, advice, money to buy a high reputation I decided to use the profits to the store, where can buy? To buy the store


with these questions, I went to ask the degree of mother, mother gave me a lot of online trading platform intermediary, after asking, I identified the idea to buy a Taobao shop. At the same time, I shop in the customer service platform to stay in the customer’s own demand information, not long, the customer service platform for me to recommend a bunch and I need a similar shop. After the layers of screening, the final decision A5 shop trading platform ( to provide an online shop, after all the talk properly, I received more than a week I bought the shop.

later, two store two pronged, originally belonging to my business all back, the crown shop without my reputation, I did the activities, not long closed to do.

I work from the original monthly income of about 2500 to the current monthly income of nearly 30 thousand, less than 1 years, my income has doubled by more than and 10 times. I suddenly thought of a spread in Taobao old predecessors in that sentence, do Taobao, what time will not be late. Not only myself, my family and friends think that is correct I switch to Taobao.

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