Net sales of prescription drugs around the United States will soon look easy to perform

February 28, 2017

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lu Zhilin reported: the Mid Autumn Festival, the relevant departments have a number of outgoing messages about the online sale of prescription drugs. Sources said the State Food and drug administration is developing a list of prescription drugs can not be sold online, the list will be announced in October. At the same time, the food and Drug Administration and other six ministries also issued a document that will promote the separation of medicine, resulting in prescription outflow. But the industry believes that the separation of medicine has been "empty talk", if there is no prescription system reform, still can not flow out, unable to pay medical insurance, online sales of prescription drugs is good, but it is still difficult for implementation and supervision.

negative list or announced next month

in fact, as early as June of this year, the State Food and Drug Administration announced on the Internet food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft), intends to open prescription drug sales. The day before, the food and Drug Administration held a meeting on the "Internet operating food and drug supervision and management measures" (Draft) to promote the implementation of coordination and arrangement. The food and drug administration officials told the media that the net sales of prescription drugs are being developed, but the directory from the meeting said the news came, the food and drug administration stopped making prescription "net sales catalog", but instead can not make the net sales of prescription drugs also list. Is the so-called "negative list", "prescription drugs other than the negative list, can be a prescription for sale on the internet.

At the same time,

market rumors, the "negative list" or published in the national day of the node, and the net sales of prescription drugs may also release in October.

for the net sales of prescription drugs, there are enterprises, the industry is also bearish. Said Jointown pharmaceutical electricity supplier responsible person in a brokerage organization of the conference call, the company for the online sales of prescription drugs has been basically completed the preparatory work for the opening policy. The source pointed out that if the policy is liberalized, the company will be able to achieve the sale of prescription drugs in the warehouse shelves. Online sales of prescription drugs for sale, the way to build a network of hospitals, doctors will focus on the Internet, to provide patients with prescription.

and Guangdong Province pharmaceutical retail industry association secretary general Liu Guichun believes that the current hospital does not allow the outflow of prescription, and the number of prescription drugs of hospital pharmacy sales of only 50%, net sales of prescription drugs is not easy to implement.

The separation of medicine prescription outflow


for pharmaceutical retail industry, prescription drug outflow has been an issue that can not be solved. Although the day before the separation of medicine and prescription outflow is mentioned again, but many industry insiders feel numb to the separation of a long, cold response.

days ago, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of human resources, Planning Commission, food and Drug Administration and other six ministries issued "the Ministry of Commerce and other 6 departments on the implementation of the 2014 annual notice" health reform key tasks to improve service levels and efficiency of drug circulation, especially those, and gradually form a physician responsible for patient diagnosis patients and prescription to medical institutions or.

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