United States CEO Chen Ou respond to users questioned

February 28, 2017

CEO Chen ou. The newspaper reporter Wang Yixuan photo

newspaper news (reporter intern reporter Li Jing Yang Jing) recently, the dispute in "you" column was pushed to the public opinion, in "Guo Jie faint door", the BOSS team questioned the Yi study and work experience fraud. In addition to Wen Yi, "" the other guests you BOSS background, such as Chen Ou, Mo Huazhang together by netizens human flesh out. Yesterday, Chen Ou made a public clarification on the question of users.

in the "Guo Jie faint door" program, job seekers are Guo Jie guests Wenyi questioned French, fabrication of academic credentials and the faint. Wen Yi then netizens questioned, said it a French should have 15 grammatical mistakes, and the master degree certificate "BAC+5" or "technical schools", the popular study and work experience fraud. A ripple, the CEO Chen Ou also shot. In "you" in the column, he is a veteran of the BOSS members. Users questioned the success of the establishment of the world’s leading online game platform Garena, Chen Chen, there are exaggerated or fictional ingredients, for a time, micro-blog, the forum, questioned the sound of four.

Chen Ou said, being questioned friends even after abuse, his emotional impact, the life and work are disturbed, even, as CEO he was questioned in the outside world, integrity, the company also had an impact. In this regard, he questioned the user to clarify.

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[] questioned Chen Europe have been exaggerating their own entrepreneurial experience, he said at the University, in 2005 successfully launched Garena, a leading global online gaming platform is the fact that Garena is the founder of ForrestLi, founded and incorporated in March 2007, Chen is the most common involved in it, and Chen went to College in 2001-2005, after he had graduated from University for nearly 2 years, but less than half a year later in September 2007, Chen came to the United States read MBA. This can be seen in the fact that he described as the founder and founder of the University during the Garena how much discrepancy.

[reporter verification] reporters on the network search that Chen Chen founder of the GG platform, and in 2006 to 2008 period, in order to accept the identity of a number of media interviews. Chen ou to reporters show two messages show that in February 2008, ForrestLi will be renamed GG platform Garena, in August 2008, the company name was founded by the

Ocean Technologies& Media changed to GarenaInteractive. Reporters also found on the Internet in 2008 Garena founding team into

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