After 90 Entrepreneurship how to use the millet model to do elephant condoms

February 28, 2017


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in the traditional Chinese concept, "sex" has always been an ambiguous topic, rarely talked openly. But Liu Kenan, born in 1990, the founder of the elephant condom, wants to change that.

the evening of September 15th, in Beijing Zhongguancun start a street, Liu Kenan with the other members of the entrepreneurial team, held the elephant 2 conference, launched a new brand of condoms second generation products. The theme of the conference is "a personal independence of conduct".

Liu Kenan and his colleagues seize all opportunities, to show the unique 90 naturally or half unconsciously "special" warm concert in addition to now hot "little apple", there is still a hot northeast Conference; English theme of "I Believe I Can Fucking Fly", vulgar words impressively in the head; Liu Kenan repeatedly stressed, don’t want to talk about boring performance, such as noun pattern, "just for the fun of it".

face the embarrassing "sex", put it on the table of deconstruction, banter, and ultimately into the product image, is dazzling and Liu Kenan coat elephant condom, but also find resonance tool in 90 populations.

for the average age of 25 years old business team, and peers to mingle, running in "the forefront of cool, is a natural psychological demands and behavior logic. Like almost all of the entrepreneurial team, elephant condoms play a sense of identity".

"do their own love of the product, even if you are a metamorphosis, there are hundreds of the world’s metamorphosis and you like, like this product." In a brief speech, Liu Kenan said.


is the elephant condom "chief experience officer", but he did not spend too much time to introduce a new generation of products are improved on which data, but with a lot of tongue of "abnormal" theory, namely the change of attitude and attitude, state.

"to be abnormal." Finally he concluded. A burst of laughter.


for millet

Liu Kenan’s company was founded in July 2013, when he had just quit from millet. As to why to do condoms, he gave two reasons at the press conference: first, a friend’s complaint, the so-called so-called two day complex".

at present, the biggest game player condom market is Durex, its market share of approximately 50% to 60%; the rest of the larger brands include Okamoto and Jissbon etc.. In the beginning, Liu Kenan made a study on the market of the dozens of condoms, believes that the biggest problem is the packaging of these products is similar, while positioning is not clear, "from teens to seventies can be used".

at a dinner, Liu Kenan put his idea to the Taishan brothers fund founding partner, who immediately decided to invest $1 million in angel investment, let.

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