Logistics companies get together electronic mall slow delivery into a fatal injury

February 28, 2017

Have to enter the electronic commerce

recently many logistics enterprises, trying to e-commerce market share, the reporter interviewed in the survey found that some electronic mall logistics enterprises with zero inventory mode, because the speed of delivery is slow and repeated complaints, and its advantages in price, sale and other aspects are not obvious, industry experts enter the electronic mall said the outlook is not optimistic, should be cautious.

logistics companies have cross-border

in September this year Chinese post had teamed up with TOM group launched B2C website "ule, Chinese provide sales, logistics, postal collection and storage service, TOM group in the next few years invested about 200 million yuan to promote ule and provide technical and operational. The day before, in the courier industry famous SF EXPRESS has quietly launched the SF E circle, selling category including gifts, tea, specialty, digital, computer, mobile phone, home, bags, jewellery etc.. In addition, the reporter noted that the purchase of ZJS also launched the E website, the sale of SANYO electric appliances, air purifiers, Holiland moon cake and other products.

for the logistics enterprises have to enter the electronic commerce, Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong said: "the current mainstream e-commerce companies such as Jingdong, mall, Newegg excellence are gradually develop their own logistics system, the Alibaba also recently in the development of the logistics, and would not rule out the self storage. A logistics company is optimistic about the prospect of electronic commerce, on the other hand, in order to avoid the constraints of e-commerce company, have more right to speak in the future competition, began the development of electronic commerce."

slow delivery repeated complaints

logistics enterprises into e-commerce, has its own advantages in the logistics distribution system is richly endowed by nature, but reporters found that the logistics and distribution of electronic mall logistics and distribution companies, compared to e-commerce business professional, not only fast, but much slower.

Haikou Mr. Wang told "IT times" reporter, he in September 16th this year in the SF E values on the order of 2 boxes of moon cakes, a copy of a copy sent to Wuhan, sent to Dongguan, and through the Alipay payment. But wait until the afternoon of the 19, is still in the commodity distribution state, then call the customer service phone, customer service told him that the brands of moon cakes are not available, you can choose a refund or replacement of the brand, Mr. Wang finally feel too slow the choice of a refund. Another user has complained that the SF E District in 12315 on the site, orders five or six days after receiving goods still.

reporter learned that the electronic commerce website of Jingdong mall, Newegg and other professional excellence, generally from order to delivery of goods within one day, and the delivery time of the SF E District, ule in 2 to 6 days. The SF E business customer service told reporters that they are zero inventory mode, you will not stock, after the user orders, the SF E district will contact the manufacturers, manufacturers of the goods to the SF, SF and distributed to consumers. As for the general cargo will arrive a few days, the staff said the manufacturers look to see the situation, usually 2 to 3 days, but it is difficult to ensure that more than

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