Late to the United States following Ali Jingdong will open the Japanese pavilion

February 28, 2017

news September 7th, the day before, according to the "Japanese economic news" reported that the United States in September will be in the electricity supplier website "Gome online" opened "the Japan Pavilion", dedicated to selling Japanese goods. It is reported that this will be the United States, the country’s first online museum, which means that the United States and the global purchase plan officially launched.


billion state power network to understand, the United States has established a procurement company in Japan, the main procurement Japanese home appliance products, to highlight the differences and other platforms. In addition, the United States will be online for the Japanese Museum opened a special page, since late September began selling Japanese products.

it is reported that, following the "Japanese pavilion", the United States will also open the "Korean Pavilion", "France Pavilion" and "German pavilion".

compared to Jingdong, Alibaba and other electronic business platform, the United States launched the global purchase has been late. Billion state power network to understand, the end of May this year, the Alibaba announced a partnership with YAHOO in Japan, the first since the summer in the Tmall sale of commodities and cosmetics from Japan, and beginning in the fall, "Tmall" platform will overall sales of Japanese products. This news a few days, at the beginning of June, Jingdong also announced that Japan will own on-line shop, cross-border business extended to Japan, until now, the Jingdong opened Pavilion including Canada Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Macao Museum, Museum of europe. In addition,, including the purchase of the koala sea vertical class platform in Japan are overweight.

and then compared the United States online, the state power grid search in Japan on its website, which shows only 1201 pieces of related products, far from the Tmall 791 thousand, Jingdong 585 thousand.

in addition, Chinese consumers have been to Japan’s digital products, electrical appliances, maternal and infant, cosmetics, food and other products to maintain a very persistent preference. The Spring Festival holiday in 2015, China tourists in Japan also demonstrated a strong ability to buy Japanese smart toilet lid was swept away, even out of stock phenomenon. In addition, according to the Japan tourism agency statistics, 2014 foreign tourists visiting Japan travel consumption amounted to 2 trillion and 278 billion yen, of which, China tourists contributed 558 billion 300 million yen, accounting for 27%.

face the temptation to rise in popularity of Japanese products and the number of Jingdong and other competitors shaking the leading product, the United States finally can not bear.

but for now, the United States is dragging a heavy pace to catch up with their old rival Jingdong, followed by its footsteps.

in fact, blocking the Jingdong "is also the first half of this year is the United States online marketing strategy the main melody really. From last year’s price of Jingdong you will lose this year, Gome online in the Jingdong headquarters opposite Pangu posted a huge advertising slogan, "618 home appliances, home court in the United States, across the east looking over, you have you I lose 300 and 6· 18 launched a smart shopping system than the price strategy. The United States never conceal themselves, while the United States is even more bluntly, the pursuers at leading >

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