Bruce Lee sold the original holders of domain was accused eNom of violations

February 28, 2017

October 13th, Bruce Lee claimed to be the original holder of the domain name lixiaolong.com to call Mr. Wang DoNews said, eNom suspected irregularities in the "grace period" sold its domain name, now he has to eNom as well as the international domain name administration ICANN filed a complaint.

, according to Mr. Wang said, he has held the domain name lixiaolong.com for two years, in September 24th this year after the expiration of the domain name, he plans to renew the "grace period". But when he is in the domain name after the expiration of twelfth days to renew, but found that the domain name has been transferred to the name of others. Mr. Wang believes that the practice of eNom irregularities suspected, he has filed a complaint to the eNom and the international domain name authority ICANN, hoping to seek justice.

insiders told reporters, both in the domain name after the expiration of a "grace period", although ICANN is not mandatory, but most are performing the 30-45 domain name registration day "grace period" unspoken rule, eNom has also been performed about 40 days "grace period" strategy. Lixiaolong.com was sold, may be related to the recent global attention again by the "Bruce Lee" hot, one from the hands and feet.

It is reported that

, the TV series "the legend of Bruce Lee" started in October 12th in a CCTV premiere. Admin5 on behalf of enom foreign domain name 80 yuan

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