Juhuasuan battle with a thousand wins

February 28, 2017

if you want to ask what the Internet in 2011 Chinese fire, there is no doubt that the electronic commerce, and more than 5000 group purchase website thousand group war Huobian China also is a scenic spot in 2011 Chinese internet. As most people expect the same, not to the end of the year, more than 5000 stations in just one year to complete the process of the rise and fall of the industry norms. And Juhuasuan is undoubtedly an army can not be ignored in the army. Juhuasuan in October before independence from Taobao has been only as Taobao’s branch operations. So the 2 million 11 thousand regiment war, Juhuasuan, with what win?

Review of the

iResearch 2011 group purchase group purchase market, 2011 market total 19 billion 600 million, while Juhuasuan total annual sales of 10 billion 180 million, occupy 52% market share, for the user to save 11 billion 50 million yuan; 12 million per day for UV independent businesses, the conversion rate of up to 10%; twelve Juhuasuan during the transaction amounted to 282 million, of which 9 million 360 thousand yuan through the mobile phone terminal wireless transaction. The local city life service turnover of 10 million 890 thousand yuan, a record high; according to Juhuasuan official said, in 2012, Juhuasuan will fully open its tens of millions of active users, 12 million independent traffic and Ali 600 million financial loans and venture capital alliance 600 million funds. In 2012 the city station from the existing 42 to 100 next year.

independent buy killer Taobao dark horse

Juhuasuan was just a function of the following rivers and lakes, initially in the very few people think Ali Juhuasuan can grow in such a short time for such a huge market. March 22, 2010 Juhuasuan low-key on-line, initially dominated by commodity groups. Data show that the day was only 2094 yuan turnover. But as of the end of 2010, Juhuasuan platform total turnover has exceeded 500 million. By the end of 2011, Juhuasuan finally achieved its goal, an increase of 20 times the total sales of the spectrum of up to 10 billion 180 million.

alone before Juhuasuan is now more than 30 million days of running water, has become second only to tmall, Taobao’s sales in the Department of the high of second. The growth of Juhuasuan did not forget to change. From the original to a single commodity logistics to the life of the current type of service turnover has accounted for 10% of the total, is no longer the kind of pure pseudo electricity supplier website. Turnover of only the service group purchase and also to handle the group meet as equals.

can quickly occupy half of the country

low-key on-line

review Juhuasuan this way, in fact, and shake hands and the group of 800 who are taking a different path. Similar to the United States publisher deals. It’s not surprising that Juhuasuan is growing so fast. It is so different and has a great advantage.

and daily deals handle different is that Juhuasuan does not have sales, do not need to develop their own market, Juhuasuan itself is only >

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