Depth analysis of domain name value (above)

February 28, 2017

how to analyze the value of a domain name, we must first find a similar industry, of course, the first thought is the real estate, real estate is famous for what " lots and lots lots, " domain name, we must first recognize that the differences between it and real estate is basically unlimited in it the supply capacity, as a basic level to infinity, i.e. from single letters to 10, 20 to infinity, real estate is generally 10 layers within the absolute fix, from the top luxury to the countryside. So a determinant of a domain name section two, a number of combinations, the meaning itself, talk about the number of combinations, from 1, A, the number of geometrically, of course, the value of exponentially decreasing, combination of number two, a number, a letter, alphanumeric characters belong to the type of defects, to drop a basic rating until two, digital domain Names such as two from 10-99, three from 101-999, the gap was ten times, taking into account the rare factors, the less the more rare, the estimated value of the gap in 15-30 times, that is to say if you do not consider the other influence, three pure digital domain name should be about 15-30 times four. Talk about letter domain two pure letter combination is 26X26, is almost 26 times the gap, considering the influence of rare, estimated value gap between 35-60, that is if you do not consider the other meaning influence, three pure letter domain name should be about 35-60 times four. So the value of the collapse is very serious, if the ABC.COM value is 10 thousand round, how much is the price of ABCD.COM, I’m sorry should be in 150-300 round between. So the price is relatively good. AB.COM, it can probably sell 35-60 million yuan. This is the power of the market. Of course you saw AB.COM selling 600 thousand of your ABCDE.COM How much do you sell, sold for about 5-10 round about, that depends on your mood.

talk about the significance, such as the meaning of IBM.COM is very obvious, of course. MIB.COM, it depends on the meaning of what the value of the number of Representatives, the valuation about the upper bound can be infinite, but corn must think about a problem, the real estate domain is infinite, whether there are other urgent and only buy, that is you can not buy, most of the corn has made the phase error to the heart, think of how the other will think how to spend money to buy your domain name, in fact, in addition to the real " the fate of testicular " lucky, the vast majority of people have.

often see on ADMIN5, as well as a corn for a long time, but so long ADMIN5, rarely see the " the fate of testicular " domain name, often their testicles were strangling the fate, including graph king, as a corn, in fact most people’s fate completely doomed, hope to go naked, can harvest, 100 no one, what is the best way, if not do.

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