Buy site into the decline of the majority of the group will become a network of soy sauce

February 28, 2017

from early March until now, the domestic suddenly emerge of new more than and 400 group purchase website, however recently with "1288 group purchase network payment after delivery, delay the refund by the police investigation" news, public opinion of group purchase industry concern. In fact, in addition to the 1288 group purchase network, dubbed the "hundred regiments" of the whole group purchase a lot of industry issues, some netizens even said "never on the group purchase website shopping", and "if the entry threshold does not solve the problem of business integrity, most network group purchase only become a" sauce net "(meaning a traveler)." According to a survey of 58 city days ago, 80% of Internet users have begun to doubt about the group purchase website, which will lead to the loss of customers, thus affecting the development of the whole industry.

reports 58 city researchers said, because the transaction is limited to the city group purchase localization of life services, so as to form a natural barrier in the short term, as the group purchase website won the development time, but at the same time, group purchase site commission revenue, it is difficult to form a lasting attraction of merchants. With the recent intensification of market competition, buy the market is about to usher in the first round of reshuffle, there will be 40% buy site collapse.

reporter summed up the report at the current stage of the site to buy a few common problems:

first payment is hidden. At present, most members of the group purchase website for payment platform Alipay, such as online banking payment in advance to the website of the account, and not like the electronic commerce website, the user to confirm receipt of the goods after satisfaction of complete payment. Therefore, some non-standard websites often attack, Alipay has an excuse to website problems such as reasons to delay withdrawals, to the user’s payment security hidden trouble.

two is the business services to be improved. Currently, the user of the site to buy a greater response to the second problem is to buy the site and part of the business to be upgraded service. Buy site is not a few people spend tens of thousands of dollars to build a web site on the OK, on the site, the biggest test is the ability of the organization and operation of the line, especially cooperation with partners. Reporters reminded buy site, when choosing partners must be careful, beware of partners because the Group buy cheap, consumers are not responsible.

three is the number of virtual high buy. Now buy a lot of websites are often marked thousands of people at the same time ordering a service, in fact, mostly in order to attract consumers, deliberately on the data to create a virtual high". "It’s hard to imagine how many people flock to a restaurant or a cinema. Regardless of the true and false data, consumers too much means that the increase in the cost of services for businesses, consumers will also be difficult to obtain high quality services." 58 city, said the person in charge of the group, we cooperate with lemon leaf restaurant, launched a $58 Double pot package. On the day of enrollment reached 800 people, we quickly stopped. Cooperation merchants say more people will be difficult to guarantee service."

analysis of the industry, the market is not allowed to buy hundreds of homogeneous sites to survive in the cruel City

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