Do micro business from the establishment of the correct operational values

February 28, 2017

The success of WeChat

will flourish development of related industries, like the original micro-blog created numerous stars, WeChat has given the same opportunity for development of grassroots can not be ignored, and this one will have to mention the concept of derivative. The derivative of different people have different opinions, some friends think micro business is a false proposition, but really started operations are aware of the difficulty, but also some friends think that as long as the derivative Mozhun lifeline, developed very quickly. The reason why there will be different opinions, I think more is that we do not have a detailed exploration and understanding of the micro business. In my opinion, micro business is not just selling something so simple, which involves thinking about a lot of product level, the reason that some friends in the micro business has been unable to open situation, largely did not want to understand some things.

one, micro business is very focused on user screening. For some of my friends love in private practice, selling things I do not agree, because the development of micro business depends on not only the support of friends – cooked. It is with the Taobao platform flow the most obvious difference is that the derivative has a single channel of information publicity, in this environment, we can make accurate information delivery for their target users, so as to enhance the work efficiency. Therefore, micro business to start, must start from the selection of the most simple user, like some micro business even will understand each other’s income through indirect chat, to know the thousand friends and earning three thousand friends in the choice when shopping mentality is not the same, and it determines that we need push the product. The face of different users push different products, this is critical.

second, the sale of products to understand the need to find hidden points. After all, micro business is a small business network based on personal relationships, and large shopping platform in the product category and after-sales service is still no match. Therefore, this requires micro business in the choice of products to make some effort. Products not only to heat, but also highlights the advantages of our micro business, and this time is good at digging some large platform is not very important commodity information is critical. Before someone doing Home Furnishing accessories, automotive beauty products and feng shui products, this type of product is not on paper but a little hot, demand is weak, and this is clearly all the derivative should be carefully mining direction.

third, micro business needs to supplement other channels. Nowadays many social products, the flow is also constantly shunt and diffusion, it is difficult to say there is a product can all gather flow in an internal environment for us to use. Coupled with the micro business is ultimately a personal relationship, it is difficult to further communication in strangers, if the blind initiative to add friends, on the contrary there will be a bad effect. Therefore, whether it is early or late, the growth of micro businesses need to rely on other platforms and support. Just like the sexy lingerie to do Lele, she was at the beginning of the accumulation of fans on the micro-blog fans, and then the user base in the precipitation on WeChat and gradually form a scale. WeChat focus on the exchange of friends rather than strangers, to solve the problem behind the micro

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