Liu Qiangdong was one of their own face. but more commercial bribery

February 28, 2017

recently, Ma Yun meeting in Zhejiang Zhejiang never advocated bribery. Lenovo to the recently famous fake fighter Wang Hai real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing Jingdong for bribery, Ma this is across the air gave Liu Qiang a slap in the face. For enterprises, this kind of bribery since ancient times the unspoken rule Jianguang Si, the Jingdong was caught out, although not endanger Liu Qiangdong, but there is always a scapegoat, in estimation of Administration for Industry and Commerce of the frontline staff will inevitably become fodder.

bribery is a kind of people and not confident, to Ali, the current volume, resources, contacts, and any departments dare to challenge Ali’s style has always been strong, has always been to war for peace rather than with the sum of the two years with ICBC, industrial and commercial bureau also ripped off each other total. Now in the domestic market to Ali supernatural power and position, no bribery is necessary, Ma Yun’s political and economic contacts circle are what people who see on the petty profits


Ali internal zero tolerance for corruption, the two have been Ali also strict internal corruption, Ma has enough clout to advocate Zhejiang never bribe. As a public opinion in the cusp of business tycoon, should understand that the spotlight is murder, once bribery sooner or later be caught, the resourceful Ali public opinion in the media that bribery is tantamount to playing with fire.

of course, Liu Qiangdong is not stupid, in today’s Jingdong influence certainly will not rush to move the huge bribe, the report of the Jingdong of Beijing bribery Industrial and Commercial Bureau Development Zone Branch of consumer protection chief events, can be caught a handle, Liu Qiangdong mercilessly got a slap in the face. This thing now, just answer the Jingdong sent to evade the crucial point reasons in the field office Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, on whether the bribe shut up not to mention, in fact to the Beijing branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Development Zone in the field office and consumer protection chief bribery is one thing, not separately.

in fact, on-site office is for the convenience of the Jingdong handling customer service service, this is a way to improve service efficiency can be understood, but really good consumer protection chief bribe case, nature had changed, this can be interpreted as a Jingdong to cover up some problems. This has seriously affected the reputation for bribery charges, Jingdong still did not respond directly, it seems a little lack of confidence, do not respond to drag the time easily be understood to be looking for an excuse and approach of public relations crisis.

this thing is not the final results, so also not jump to conclusions, but this year the Jingdong develops quickly, complaints also grow with each passing day if there is internal staff, in order to win consumer protection officials privately KPI is also a kind of can shirk the responsibility of rhetoric, out of a person as long as the mouth blame back is. But Jingdong office in the field because of too many complaints, which indirectly shows that the rapid development of Jingdong, while the existence of the plight of the decline in product and service quality.


Liu Qiangdong dare to cause Ling ran said that Beijing never sell fake business, but now the Jingdong selling fakes is not Liu Qiangdong can be assured by a word or two.

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