Foxconn exposure in the mainland to push the electronic business platform three years to catch up wi

February 28, 2017

[Abstract] in 2010 Foxconn had launched business platform Flying Tiger Tesco, and later because of infighting and other reasons died.

allegedly Foxconn electricity supplier website screenshot

Tencent Technology (Sun Hongchao) March 4th news, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the world’s largest electronic products on behalf of the industry and commerce into the field of e-commerce, Fuji Yasuzheng. Informed sources said that Foxconn launched an online shopping mall sales of electronic products trial site, designed to compete with Alibaba and Jingdong and other mainland electricity supplier giants. Informed sources said, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou plans to make the new shopping website sales in more than three years China second major electricity supplier giant Jingdong.

According to Tencent

technology, the website called "rich networking, mainly engaged in digital content for mobile phone, tablet computer, hardware, office home appliances and other four categories, the domain name" flnet.com ", now can normal visit and order. Payment is relatively perfect, support for online banking, Alipay and wealth through common platform. It is understood that this site may be set up in April 2013, after the official flagship store for Foxconn Tmall, independent domain name in November 2014 formally launched the electricity supplier.

analysts said, Foxconn will face many challenges, including the new e-commerce platform building service and reliable reputation, as well as the relationship between culture and suppliers, get popular goods, at the same time to build a highly efficient logistics network to provide fast delivery service. In order to increase the amount of site visits, Foxconn plans to introduce a product evaluation section that uses the quality inspection and verification procedures used by the company’s factories, according to people familiar with the matter. For example, before delivering the goods, a Foxconn lab typically tests the battery life of a device and the operating speed of a smartphone.

is an important means of OEM Foxconn everyday, but it is not only a foundry enterprise. Electricity supplier is an important step in the transformation of the Internet to Foxconn, but also the first step. Despite the fall of tiger Tesco seems to Terry Gou of fear, but he apparently did not fear. The news that Foxconn Lenovo from large-scale electricity supplier sector poaching, and from inside Foxconn selected 99 in the full vigour of life cadres, to join the new established rich networked electronic business organization.

Foxconn as early as 2010 has been testing the water electricity supplier business, and launched a four way store + a site, the whole consumer channel system concept. In this system, four stores including "million city" and "cyber digital" and "daring digital" and "a Ten thousand steeds gallop.", the site is the online channel electricity supplier "Flying Tiger tesco". At present, four store network layout has failed, because the next line stores supply, operation and other issues, many closed; and "Flying Tiger Tesco" because of low investment, staff infighting, fuzzy positioning and other reasons almost failed.

current electricity supplier channels to become the standard of traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet to test the water, there are a number of department stores to test the electricity supplier, after the resurgence of HUAWEI and other manufacturers to try

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