Grassroots webmaster Shanghai dragon journey, to choose the domain name

November 29, 2017

Figure Select the domain name

choose to do Shanghai dragon, can let us get to the search engine rankings, so that our products and then convert to buying products on the Internet users to search. The beginning of the contact is very confused, so many years of playing computer every day looking at the website, day day in Shanghai, we do not know the site is a hard worker to do the Shanghai dragon.

2. can also be and site theme or site name echoes, can let a person see the domain name to Lenovo website content. For example, try the company and brand names, such as the international brand BMW official website, bmw贵族宝贝 and China "

1. domain name as short as possible, the shorter the domain name, our users are more likely to remember, but you can not use the short domain name, such as: clzq1688贵族宝贝, our search engine will not be able to identify your domain name clzq is what meaning, represents the meaning of clzq is too much. From scratch, before the celebration of filling the dwelling if we want to do, and so on, the enterprise brand chengli special steam this term, the best domain name is chenglizhuanqi贵族宝贝. Although long, but is conducive to optimizing the keywords and don’t let the search engine can’t tell your name on the inside. You look at the Audi brand, aodi.cn brand name domain name people directly.

I do is garbage trucks, we can contain the 3 words lajiche, if we do the clothing can also contain Fuzhuang, if gynecological hospital can contain Fuke, some people will question this completely, Pinyin not, then we can add some other than fuke120贵族宝贝, 315lajiche贵族宝贝, such as digital. You can also add some common suffixes such as fuzhuangnet贵族宝贝, domain name and related keywords easy to remember.


need to prepare what we want to learn SOE entry, you have to have a practice, through practice to let us learn more solid. The station, the station first step, buy a domain name space. To practice what we learn, but in the choice of Shanghai dragon domain more tangled, as we know, a good domain name can let the station optimization to a multiplier effect on the influence of the ranking, because the search engine recognition ability for pinyin and English is very strong, the search engines have specialized thesaurus and Thesaurus according to user needs to constantly update. We should pay attention to some points in the choice of domain name.

Shanghai dragon

domain name is the user first impression of the website, can let users quickly remember our domain name is very important for the development of the website. The domain name registration, we should choose to allow the user to remember, easy for users to generate a sense of trust. This can increase the rate of return, and is convenient for users to recommend to others. If the domain name contains the keyword domain name is better, more conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

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