Keywords enterprise website construction initial study on two or three points

September 16, 2017

, a core keywords find tools

We often rely on , thank you!

we can clearly see the long tail of a link, let an entry communicated with another. As for what it means to our website, a connectivity that is the site of the chain, in use. This is to improve the user experience of the website, and links to the full effect of construction.

two, long tail keywords find consumer

in the whole process of website construction, I always feel the need of keyword research under the foot, especially long tail keywords, which is to improve the user experience and website of the coherence of the key, so we should seriously study keywords. The original article by the fast 贵族宝贝youbianla贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source


keyword research are often only just spend some time to solve, as Shanghai Longfeng people we are not forgotten the keyword research is our light, our website layout, foundation of the construction of the chain. Let’s look at the points of keyword research:


because most of the long tail keywords no index in the webmaster tools, and web traffic and mostly from the long tail, we cannot let oneself think how to write it, so look for consumers is the best channel of long tail keywords. The research about the question of how much traffic to the site of the long tail keywords, of course, many people will question this view. Seriously, most people are naturally produced by the long tail of the article, some long tail keywords in the inside of some really unexpected, but there are still a part of us can know. If we do enough preparation for these long tail keyword research, is not like the lacking spirit of cooperation together. We can refer to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love example:

core keyword research tool, such as the Shanghai love index, Google keyword tool. Although these tools display data is not necessarily correct, but at least they show the user search in the search engine, or have a certain authority. The core words in general are some of the main products, but this is only for those popular or mass products, for some popular is not what role.

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