Keywords mining National Day traffic soared and optimization is the key

September 16, 2017

      two, the content of the chain more search engine on

      morning sitting in front of the computer, the first thing to do is to use Adsense tools inquires the site, found that the snapshot keywords ranking are not what a big change, but the love of Shanghai traffic statistics found that today there was a big surge, although it is a new station, but this trend in a few days before the change, from the view of IP traffic statistics in recent days has been rising trend, a careful analysis of love Shanghai statistical search words that are related to National Day keywords, and these words are in recent days by digging out the tool.   seize the popular events, the most popular festivals can increase website traffic, for National Day site traffic promotion, I think we must do mining and optimization of key words, which can be divided into the following:

      keywords mining is used in the station of the update, with keywords to create National Day popular title, often an article can bring hundreds of flow, personally think that the article optimization keywords should not be too much, such as the US "

      and make good use of various tools of mining related keywords

racing together bridle to bridle

      for the keyword mining, must learn to collate and analyze, dig out the first keywords are relatively messy, we should combine their own site selection and elimination, but also consider their own schedules, time can find some keywords, so little time, you can find some user demand is relatively high, relatively high conversion rate of keywords, the best use of the Excel for a data, do well in order to better grasp the direction of the site.

      keywords for mining owners are not unfamiliar, the conventional method of love Shanghai droplist, love Shanghai related search and mining the use of various tools, for National Day this holiday, no matter what tools to dig, key words must be combined with the theme of the site search, or a combination of National Day create related topics, such as you do the SMS related websites, you can dig about National Day message; do the gift industry, but also with the National Day gift to create articles, such targeted traffic will become more valuable.

      today is 2011 National Day, first of all we wish a happy National Day holiday! The seven day of the holiday, I believe that many owners will use this time to play, but still will not give up on the website of the care, get up in the morning or as in the past all query index site, the site included, snapshots, chain, keyword ranking has been rooted in the hearts of many owners germination.

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