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September 16, 2017


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accept other Shanghai Longfeng interview from a year ago to interview Shanghai Longfeng position now, I can only say that the bitterness can have how many people to know, it is the thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years. Last weekend, the interview a few to do Shanghai dragon friends, all kinds of interview process, with wonderful and terrible to summarize. I want to do is to optimize a independent station in Shanghai Longfeng, however for friends have stressed their day in the XX forum XX chain, powerful point, on a blog, do ask. A soft and no 1 people mentioned the station structure optimization.

website will certainly have some pages in Shanghai Longfeng perspective is of no use to the page, but the page and indispensable, such as contact, talent recruitment, policy statement, land registration, etc. about us. These pages to the user experience and search engine trust and help. But the spider will not register, login, fill in the form, we don’t like about our optimization keywords, so these pages don’t need any ranking.

we know, under normal circumstances, the front page of the site will get outside and within most links, so the page weight is the highest, followed it is classified catalogue to the product page, may be part of the minimum weight. However, sometimes some products need to obtain higher weights! Products may focus on the very popular series, high profit and rapid transformation, the number of searches is very high. According to the tree structure of the classic home from far distance determines the weight is not too high, so from the perspective of Shanghai dragon we need special settings, the most simple way is to directly in the home page and the inside pages of the key link anchor text, if that is not enough, you can do the station link. For example, I do a rookie Shanghai dragon forum, a talk about Shanghai Longfeng based post I think is very important, so each section will be a link, is derived from this point. According to the actual effect, to focus on the content page to make a link on the home page, even if there is no growth outside the chain, ranking is very obvious.

site optimization to solve the problem is the most important content included and weight. We come into contact with the tree structure most is actually quite good links with the weight distribution model, but the refining hit, according to the function target using different website technology and site to achieve the different tree structure actually seems to be the site of odd shape are different, different problems need to be solved, a problem specific words: a commonplace talk of an old scholar the specific address, I will simply say some may encounter situations and solutions (I met), maybe you can expand your ideas.

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so, I want to talk about the internal links and the weight of construction, a Shanghai dragon if the candidates from the station structure, weight control question, it is flourishing, give people the feeling is completely different.


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