How to let the eleven day old revision site was re understanding and recognition of love in Shanghai

September 16, 2017

took over the company old site also has nearly three months before, has been in preparation. The most important is to put the old website into a new website for the interface and exchange programs, equal to large surgery. The time spent more than a month.

link exchange platform update links

I try to

I choose the layout of CSS+DIV, to develop the use of DedeCMS program. Fix the time is about May 18th, because I do record promotion document in May 19th. In addition to rest on Sunday, is down to yesterday, spent a total of 11 days.

forum signature links with

through the promotion of 11 days, now that the result is a snapshot of the next day, love Shanghai yesterday issued an article also included, "the main keywords do Wuhan animation training" is actually about second pages of the fifth ranked love Shanghai, another non popular keywords at first, excitement indescribable.

to select several large forum, at least on the post over a million, the best home above a new kind of post. Refresh the forum, see who has just posted the best original, to top posts. In general this large forum, Shanghai spiders love >

link here: first, can find the right chain, second, good luck can be used as a home chain. Of course, a chain is absolutely not, generally two days, Shanghai would love to grab the page, a page in the chain will be successful.


this work complex is the first day, to find a number of high weight link exchange platform, and is a registered account. After a simple, login account, update the link, OK. The link is updated every morning to go to work to be done.

site is old before please do network outsourcing, they use the table layout, ASP program, not static, and there is no special website optimization options, such as keywords and description of each article can’t write. This is definitely not enough, so I am determined to discuss with the company website, after a bright future, it must be under the cruel pain, revised website.

There are two advantages of ?

before the old site has several months not update the article, do not exchange a chain, but also love Shanghai snapshot is a month ago, the only thing left for me can be used, is the old domain name weight high 2006, PR2.

then I in these 11 days to do what work are summarized as follows:

link exchange platform developed quite mature, several large platform has been love Shanghai a lot of weight, so I fell in love with the sea search "link exchange platform", check their love for Shanghai, PR, Alexa included, snapshots, and screen out the high quality platform of around 20, a registered account to exchange link information.

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