How to improve the value of web pages

September 12, 2017


This Open speed

website art do better. You can go to Shanghai in search of Love Toast baby, this site is an example of our study. It is not gorgeous art, only a few users look more authentic and detailed images, allowing users to see the public feeling "

1. website. We are in a "fast" era, people’s lives are now pay attention to efficiency, time is money, so our web site open speed is one of the most basic experience. If the user clicks on your website has not opened, the user will close this page, because you are not 12306, you can choose it off another website. So if your site is too slow, even if your site content again, users cannot see, is useless. So we must improve our website open speed. Chinese users ability to bear the site speed is relatively high, but does not mean that users can limit the waiting, generally if your site in 8 seconds after the user clicks is not open, then you will be the probability of user closes will reach 95%. We recommend the best site open speed within 5 seconds, of course, this is the Chinese continent, the 8 seconds is not applicable to do foreign trade station friends. To open the speed test site, it is recommended that you install a love of Shanghai, so that we can test the speed of our website, enter the love Shanghai statistics page, click on the site in the Shanghai statistical diagnosis rate of love, we will see the following page, shown in red is the web page open speed:

page value is the search engine on our page assessment, it will mainly consider two factors, one is the quality of the content, another is external vote. So today we have from the two aspects of how to improve the page value for everyone.

, improve the page value must satisfy the user’s basic experience. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


2. page art effect. When many of our friends in the web site design does not pay attention to the art design of websites. In fact, website art is like a person’s clothing, must be appropriate, to give users a sense of trust. In China users still have some fear of the network, after all, is a new thing, the network now has more false content. If a website art do badly, then the user might think you this product or company is not how, by this sentence in the Chinese is feasible. But art is not to say that we have our website better how fancy, but to give people a good feeling on the whole. Most true is the love of the user. Recently saw a baby portrait photography websites on the Internet, the website art to achieve the ultimate, is this a few simple pictures, but carefully, these photos are spent a lot of effort.

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