One put an end to Chunwangchihan optimization strategy

September 12, 2017

lip tooth?

on the sprocket, presumably there are many owners are aware of, and there have been many follow. The reason is that the chain wheel for the main blog increase the weight, rapidly improve the site’s ranking, even "love Shanghai" can see tens of thousands of information is introduced. This time you are still thinking do sprocket improve your weight? Now the website optimization on the one hand, the weight of some well-known blog search engine to significantly better than in the past. On the other hand, you know through such methods can rapidly improve the fraud search engine website ranking, the search engine itself is not pretend to two ears do not hear out of the window? Or so far, there are still a part of the sprocket to be fruitful, but in many cases, its operation will have "upgrade". If you use the same old way repeatedly to do, finally is to wait in a cocoon around oneself is right down. Moderately affected link beneficial website weight increase, search engine will think is deliberately cheating, but only for no ending, will bring challenges to crowning calamity website optimization, search engine rules of the bottom line, whether or not.

links to purchase the effect, that the webmaster know whether it will not appear so much links to purchase transaction information. However, the search engine itself against link trading phenomenon is happened, because such a method will destroy the search engine to determine the weights of the basic rules. But doubt is that search engine on the one hand to punish such phenomenon, but not on the "market" to make any restrictions, since it is only open one eye closed". A large number of links to purchase some unscrupulous webmaster will start, however the effect is good, but there are a lot of site is down right in the later than, is directly K off station. Why? Search engines cannot simply determine whether to buy links, but if you do not put up a pageantry of its own accord with the obvious link change is clear: I tell the search engines in the purchase link, you >

: a

search engine optimization technology to the emergence of the Internet is overwhelming, on steady, there are rules to do the optimization to avoid opportunistic use of the many, even the black hat means to deceive the search engine, in order to improve website ranking. In fact, whether it is good or evil, continuing until now, this success is not a few, can lead people to follow. However, people tend to be like that, why can do little to do? Others can succeed, then another can replicate the success, so he repeated those search engines with Kazakhstan means of fraud. However, though the measures, but also a policy, with the search engine technology is gradually perfect, "a" means to kill more. However, due to the chaos of the network course, still had the most owners don’t understand search engine specific rules, resulting in every two or three days is down right or K stand a few. Ask why? I want to say here is that to do optimization, forget where

view for the blog sprocket

two: for the purchase link view

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