Huang Cong 2 steps to fix the website structure

September 12, 2017

two, the content of web pages

2, breadcrumb navigation is to be done, the most important thing is not to write the page keywords crumbs "home", and should be the keywords you want to optimize the home page.

1, the site must be placed above and to the left of the most users want to see the information, not you contact your company is not news, but should be the latest product information you! And is the most recent user attention, how to know what users are most concerned about? Huang Cong believe that every webmaster would have statistics the data of their own, as long as you look at the recent news volume is the largest single product which, in the top left of the page.

3, "the size must be as small as possible, the quality of the server must be better! If your site is open for more than 6 seconds, it means that you have lost a lot of customers.

although it sounds very simple, but really can do.

filled with

good website structure setting, the next is the content of the filler, and the filler content we need to pay attention to the following 4 points:

do not know how many webmaster is going to draw the first page, directory page and content page layout sketch in the building site before? Is that you will be according to the needs of users, to design and layout of the home plate. Many webmaster love to imitate other website, contact us, company news on the front page of the upper left corner, put on our link on the left navigation bar, Huang Cong is going to tell you today, these practices are wrong! The station architecture should meet the following:

, the structure of the station

2, home products do not exceed 5, we all know that the customers are after the first product after making a choice, if you place the excess product of more than 5 in the home show, so users can either spend a lot of time to make a choice, either will be impatient to turn off your page.

4, URL path as far as possible to Chinese characters Pinyin for good, but each directory Pinyin not more than 3 Chinese characters, otherwise it will lead to a long URL.

3, the content page related articles should not be more than 10 articles, and related articles must be in the same column article.

1, the top and bottom of the navigation navigation don’t repeat. Many webmaster website a navigation, following a navigation, not only increased the content of repeatability, is likely to be judged as cheating.

webmasters to build websites, regardless of experience and search engine and users, but free to imitate him that a good website structure to build. But we know that the search engine algorithm has been imitating user experience, if your site structure does not comply with the user experience, so you want to get the website search engine recognition is very difficult, so need to pay attention to what point the website framework? Only in accordance with the following 2 steps away.

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