A5 marketing graphic interpretation public web page quality and the role of the user experience

September 11, 2017

is a A5 marketing in May, passed through 5 years on this day has been accompanied by the webmaster and enterprise, don’t know if you remember this for five years, A5 marketing (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/) share all kinds of drip released? We only become the majority of enterprises around the marketing experts, today, we continue to to share the public: "relationship" web page quality and user experience, because it directly affects the website optimization effect, and determine the site of the future.

advertising position, will affect the search engine on the web ranking recognition, which you know? This is because of the unreasonable advertising, will affect the user’s browsing and judgment, and even lead to user errors to click on ads. Specific example:


: advertising layout and user experience

site, this year is 2014.


three: lost time value page

other software download, I believe the same as Internet users in the US, everyone seen such a situation, the real download information, click on the above blue, will drop down the page tail, or jump to the download page. In addition, there are such as:

Before we had a diagnosis of

content page: insert advertising content, due to the user "mood" page, such as opening a page, the amount of information is very small, a left and a piece of advertising, advertising, or deliberately prominent advertising, let users pay more attention to the content of advertising, and light practices are illegal.

Baiduspider love what page, give what kind of page ranking is higher, what kind of page to include? Believe it is mostly of doubt, especially those websites have been down the right, but is urgent in seeking the answer.


in addition, there are some sites, a large number of pages of text information content, for example:

also is in a corner of the page, some sites, text and even the number of up to more than 10 times, or dozens of times; this page, what about the quality at all? Is typical in order to optimize the deliberately do not do such a common editing processing

is an ordinary Internet users, an ordinary consumer, you would like to see that information? And the classification is only a corner of a site of the iceberg. Keyword stuffing deliberately do optimization, the final result can only make the site opposite, want to get more, but lost more keywords, can do, but it is not such a practice, first of all, the user experience is the first one, at least on the visual interface.


two: in order to optimize and optimize the page


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